Monday, November 22, 2010

PEX tubing and its simple installation

Tubing is a building block of a water supply piping system that has various advantages over the ordinary metal and rigid plastic pipes systems. This pipe is formed from the highly cross linked polythene polymers. The polymer used in the construction of this pipe is known as HDPE which stands for high density polyethylene. This polymer is allowed to melt and is then incessantly extruded into the tube. This type of the cross linking can be performed in various methods.
Pex tubing - smart alternative for traditional pipes There are immense advantages of this pipe which makes it applicable for vast applications. PEX tubing are flexible, do not corrode or develop certain pinholes, provide resistance to chlorine and the scale formation which are very common in other ordinary rigid pipes. Also it allows very few connections and fittings than other pipes. And the main advantage of this pipe is that it can be allowed to bend at 90 degree without any fitting or connections.

There are some connection methods that are required for the fitting of the PEX tubing to brass PEX fittings that make the use of the copper crimp ring and different kinds of PEX crimping tools. This copper crimp ring is made to insert above PEX tubing, then this fitting is pushed inside that pipe and after that copper ring crimp is crimpled above the pipe and fitting is done using the crimping tools. These tools, crimping rings and fittings are easily available.

Tools for PEX piping There is another fitting method that is known as expansion fitting method. This method involves the use of expansion tools that allows the increment in the diameter of the PEX piping. There are some special expansion fittings that are made to insert into the expanded tube and also shrink back to the original shape around the fitting. After that a white colored ring is made to crimp over the fitting to ensure the tight connection.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Corrosion protection of my brass ball valves

Corrosion protection is one of the most important requirements in the construction of pipelines (especially the trunk). Protection expose themselves directly to pipes, fittings, valves ( The requirements for corrosion-resistant coating is constantly being tightened, modern insulation materials help to protect pipes and fittings from corrosion for 20-30 years. Because of the specialization of our company, detailing corrosion protection of valves and pipeline fittings in the system of "Transneft".

The main documents governing the various kinds of protection of pipelines and fittings from corrosion, are GOST 51164 "Pipelines steel trunk. General requirements for corrosion protection ", RD-23.040.00-KTN-189-06" Rules for corrosion protection of above ground pipelines, structures and equipment facilities of main oil pipelines, OTT-04.00-27.22.00-KTN-006-1-03 " Technical requirements for external anticorrosion coating molded fittings and valves of the pipeline "; OTT" trunk pipeline. Fittings.
In the foregoing documents detail procedures for all types of work on application of protective coatings, the requirements for materials and equipment, methods of acceptance and control of the paint.
Depending on the location and conditions of the coating are divided into two types: the factory and line. Typically, in applications from contractors engaged in construction at the sites of Transneft, indicated that fixture shall be factory-corrosion coating. In practice, very few factories reinforcing its own exercise of protective coatings, especially on products for underground installation. Costs for the purchase of necessary equipment, materials, training of qualified personnel are sufficiently large. To dye valves according to the requirements of Transneft manufacturers attract specialized organizations that have licenses and permits for this type of work, and maintained by applying a protective coating on valve or on the territory of the plant itself, either on their own areas. Typically, such teams have a mobile painting of insulating and conducting work in the factories as well as "in the fields. From personal experience would like to note that the cost of the work on protective coatings that claim manufacturers valves are often substantially higher than the cost of these works, which take the actual perpetrators, while painting and in the factory and in our territory is held by the same materials , the same people and on the same hardware.
To protect the valves installed underground (both directly in the ground and in the wells) to the requirements of PAS-04.00-27.22.00-KTN-006-1-03 The most widely used materials of the Japanese company "Kawakami Paint FIG. Co.Ltd. "Brands FRUCS-1000A and US materials brand Biurs." These compounds are epoxy-urethane coating and consist of an epoxy primer layer and the outer layer of polyurethane. Plot the data coverage in parts insulated pipes and fittings by "hot" airless through special facilities. Subject to the technology of the work life of these coatings may exceed 30 years.

Circulator pumps for private houses and apartments

The desire for a comfortable life proper to man. That is why most manufacturers of household appliances from one year to improve its products. For more options, higher reliability, elegant design - everything is done to ensure that consumers feel a new level of convenience and quality. But is the sphere of which we seldom think in everyday life. If large and small household appliances constantly reminds about themselves, then such subtle, but essential devices such as pumps urbanite perceived solely as a prerogative of municipal structures. Typically, the existence of these aggregates, we remember only when problems arise, which it is impossible not to notice. Other business owners of houses and individual houses. They tend to thoroughly know why their economy but there are some circulator pumps, but also private entrepreneurs do not usually think about innovations in this area, preferring to buy well known and usually fairly simple model, assuming that they reliable technical innovations. Let us say at once, both of these categories of consumers caught up in stereotypes. And the citizen and the owner of the cottage can significantly increase the level of comfort, if we pay attention to the modern pumping equipment for domestic purposes. It may seem strange, but today the once simple pumps for domestic use produced by leading manufacturers with advanced technologies, and not inferior to their industrial brethren. There is another aspect: technical innovations in this area not only improve the quality of life, but also help save considerably, saving precious now electricity and heat.

Technical characteristics

Chemical properties

Pipes are resistant to various chemical solutions. If you need to use pipes for transporting liquids other than potable water, it is necessary to obtain a preliminary consultation with a specialist firm Everhot.

Saving forms

After bending pipe retains the desired shape, which facilitates and accelerates the assembly of fittings and further work with the pipe.

Resistance to wear

The inner layer of tubes made of high cross-linked polyethylene. It provides almost complete absence of wear, even at high velocity.


Thanks to the aluminum layer of the linear expansion coefficient is 0.025 mm / (IBSC) and, thus, comparable with the coefficient of linear expansion of copper and nearly eight times less than that of plastic pipes.


With an operating pressure of 10 bar (1 bar = 0,1 MPa) and operating temperature to 95 ° C period is not less than 50 years.

Toxicity and hygienic

PEX Pipe meets the stringent emission norms and hygiene and are 100% suitable for transporting drinking water.

Class fire

The multilayer PEX Pipe, consisting of two layers of cross-linked polyethylene and aluminum layer with a butt weld, according to DIN 4102, part 1, belongs to a class B2 (usually flammable constructions).


The pipe does not conduct electricity.

Oxygen Barrier

100-percent Oxygen Barrier thanks to the aluminum layer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PEX Tubing Wirsbo

Wirsbo PEX Tubing system is a low-temperature system that uses the floor surface as a source of heat distribution. Installation of such systems requires knowledge of the foundations of their work and practical skills.
Despite the fact that they can use the same sources of heat, floor heating differs significantly from the radiator, in particular the methods of heat distribution.

Key features and benefits of PEX Tubing:

• heating element is the entire surface of the floor. There are no heaters. The possibility of a more efficient use of space in residential, office or other premises;
• Low coolant temperature, which is about +25-45 ° C;
• Uniform and beneficial to humans in terms of physiology, the distribution of temperature in the room at his height;
• Ability to use various coating floors (wood, stone or ceramics);
• Can be used for water heating virtually any source of energy from coal-fired water heaters, gas, oil or electricity to nekonvektivnyh sources such as heat pumps, solar collectors or geothermal sources;
• Hygiene - repeated lowering the amount of dust in the air space and with it the bacteria that often cause various diseases;
• High impact pleasant for a man of the thermal radiation (50-70%), allowing a higher thermal comfort in the room;
• Cost of thermal energy. In residential buildings -20-30%, and in rooms with high ceilings, for example, sports halls, exhibition halls, etc. - Up to 50% and higher!
• Optimum humidity in the room;
• In contrast to hot radiators (over +70 ° C) floor heating does not contribute to unfavorable human positive air ionization, which provides low-quality impact on human health;
• Lack of a strong source of heat radiation in the vicinity of Rights;
• In areas where people reside, the maximum temperature of the floor is by European standards +29 ° C, and the average temperature during the heating period varies within +23-24 ° C.

In PEX Tubing, almost 70% of heat is transferred in the form of a pleasant, gentle heat radiation, which is not conducive to the raising of dust in the air. Why is this happening? When the air temperature in the room +20 ° C average temperature on the surface of the floor in the heating season is 23-24 ° C, which shows that the temperature difference of 3-4 ° C. And with radiator heating, radiator temperature 50-60 ° C, a temperature difference of 30-40 ° C. That is a big temperature difference is responsible for the strong convection. which contributes to isolation from the floor and dust lifting up.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plastic water tubing for plumbing. Plumbing tubing

When the house is installed plumbing, tubing, from which it is made, play a paramount role. PEX tubing and

plumbing of the good stuff - it's your choice. If you are installing PEX tubing, plumbing will serve you

regularly for 50 years. Any PEX tubing, water, plumbing, heating - all this guarantee of quality and


Firm BOW fittings "offers competitive rates, flexible terms of cooperation with the shipment of regional

warehouses in Canada, the possibility of delivery, as well as an additional assortment of different parts and

tools. We produce PEX tubing, water tubing from which water continuously provide housing. PEX tubing and

plumbing - this is what is the best option for municipal networks in Canada.

What makes plastic water tubing from the traditional steel water tubing? Plastic water tubing meets the

quality indicators such as reliability and durability. This can not boast of any steel and cast iron tubing

without appropriate additives or coatings. Water tubing from the traditional material has some serious

shortcomings: low corrosion resistance, the inner surface of tubing during operation is subject to the

formation of limescale. That's why your choice - is a plastic water tubing, which not only has high

durability and reliability, but does not emit harmful pollutants, nevospriim ¬ Chiva to vibration and not

overgrown within sediments. In addition, plastic water tubing is easy to install, easy to install, does not

spoil the appearance and easily retracted into the wall, contributing not only convenience, but also the

beauty of the room. Plastic plumbing tubing is not damaged in the winter, and water, frozen inside tubing,

not threatened emergencies.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Numerous studies have shown that the plumbing tubing made of PEX plastic

plumbing tubing made of PEX plastic in accordance with a system of quality control and has all the relevant

certificates. Plastic plumbing tubing made of PEX have properties typical for this polymer: it reduced

flammability and increased chemical resistance. Also, a plastic plumbing tubing made of PEX through the

quality of PEX is less sensitive to UV radiation.

Numerous studies have shown that the plumbing tubing made of PEX plastic, as well as other products of

polyvinyl chloride, is harmless to human health. plumbing tubing made of PEX plastic is used firms builders

of water-engineering structures, such as swimming pools, water parks, entertainment complexes.

How to repair leaks in PEX tubing?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

PEX product manufacture for plumbing systems

The company "BOW fittings" sells tubing, plastic PEX and HDPE plumbing. tubing: plumbing of PEX and HDPE -

this modern high-quality polymeric materials. Plastic plumbing tubing can be found at stores in the cities.

Seattle and Vancouver (Canada), and we can supply plastic plumbing tubing in other regions of the


Plastic plumbing tubing made of PEX is the ideal form of solution of the gravitational drainage, ensuring


The company "Pendant-2" sells products «PLASTIMEX». tubing: plumbing of PEX «PLASTIMEX» - are specialized

product in the manufacture of complex plumbing systems. We offer buyers a plastic plumbing tubing for safe

transportation of municipal waste, rainwater and other runoff from their origin to the destination tank.

Drain tubing Plastic Company «PLASTIMEX» - a solution to drainage. We offer:
• Plastic Drain tubing (PEX) for outdoor piping
• Full range of fittings for outdoor plumbing

Monday, July 26, 2010

Other plastic plumbing tubing

Plastic plumbing tubing are different from their "predecessors" a number of distinguishing characteristics,

which we now enumerate:
1. Plastic plumbing tubing have a guaranteed life of 50 years.
2. Plastic plumbing tubing features easy installation and maintenance. To install it, does not require

complicated machinery and cranes.
3. Plastic plumbing tubing are highly resistant to various chemical influences, and corrosion resistant in an

aggressive environment.

Friday, July 23, 2010

PEX tubing are lightweight compared with tubes made of traditional materials

Pex Tubing pipe are three types (with Oxygen Barrier and without, PEX-AL-PEX ), the corresponding nominal pressure, ie the internal

pressure of water at 20 degrees Celsius, which is plastic drainage tubing HDPE can withstand for 50 years.

plumbing PEX tubing - this is the best material for construction, because the plastic plumbing tubing not

only has a long life, but also facilitates the repair work. Plumbing PEX tubing is much more convenient and

better tubing of rigid materials. PEX plumbing tubing - a new qualitative step in history of tubingline


In general, the Plumbing tubing, plastic best meet the needs of the production of products for distribution

tubinglines. In modern construction weight often used plastic plumbing tubing, as guaranteed by their life of

50 years. Compare - steel underground tubing are not more than 25 years. Of course, producers, install

Plumbing tubing are plastic. Moreover, plastic plumbing tubing toxicological and bacteriological safety.

Plastic plumbing tubing can be used even for laying underground.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Warm floor in Seattle

 The operation of any premises, whether a cottage, apartment building or office facility, is impossible

without a developed system of plumbing and sanitation. Plumbing tubing play an important role in the life of

the inhabitants of high-rises, because they are familiar with the problems that accompany the breakthrough of

plumbing tubing. That is why the plumbing tubing plastic will guarantee a comfortable stay in the house or

summer home. We offer you modern materials - a PEX tubing for drainage of PEX and PEX tubing.

Plastic plumbing tubing provide decent homes to ensure vital communications. Think about it. PEX tubing for

plumbingage - seemingly a trifle. After all, they are not visible "under a pile of" euro-repair. But if it

were not for PEX tubing for Plumbing and their correct functioning - that someone was needed to repair from

expensive materials? Plastic plumbing tubing are just as important as the quality of wiring, plumbing and

heating, as they provide the vital functions of your home, as a microorganism. If no French stretch ceiling

and warm floor in Seattle you can still do, then plumbing tubing, plastic, made of PEX or HDPE, should become an

integral part of your home.
PEX tubing for plumbingage ensure purity and environmental safety of the human environment. Plastic plumbing

tubing can be made of PEX and HDPE. PEX tubing for plumbingage HDPE - this is the shorthand name indicates

that the tubing are made of high-density PEX and are designed for tubinglines transporting water.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

PEX plumbing tubing has another advantage!

PEX plumbing tubing made of polyvinyl chloride resin, which is produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride.

PEX tubing Drain has several features. First of all, it's durability and resistance to corrosion. The most

attractive feature, which has a PEX plumbing tubing is a high chemical resistance to a large number of

compounds of different nature (eg, alkalis, fats, oils, alcohols). Resistance of PEX plumbing tubing to the

various types of chemical compounds are listed in the directory "PEX tubing in construction", ed. VS Romeika

and AN Shestopal, 1997 PEX tubing Drain, compared to other polymeric materials is less dangerous in case of

fire, so this material could hardly be ignited and has the ability to self-extinguishing.

. During the long operation on the inner surface of the tubing is

formed of bacterial and mineral deposits. PEX plumbing tubing and tubing manufactured from it are harmless

and not dangerous to human health. In the operation of plumbing tubing PEX does not emit toxic compounds.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why PEX plumbing tubing - is the choice of professionals, builders and private clients?

Numerous studies have shown that PEX tubing for Plumbing and other products of PEX are harmful to human

health. In the operation of PEX tubing for Plumbing is no evolution of toxic compounds.

We will understand what's just a plumbing tubing PEX? Why PEX plumbing tubing is more convenient to the

standard and familiar to us all the traditional tubing? The fact that PEX plumbing tubing meets such requirements as

reliability, durability and environmental safety. Drain PEX tubing - a material from which produced about 80%

of the tubinglines in the developed countries.

PEX tubing plumbing will cost you no more than a steel tubing.
PEX plumbing tubing is used firms builders of water-engineering structures, such as swimming pools, water

parks, entertainment complexes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

EX plumbing tubing have properties typical for this polymer

Plumbing tubing of PEX provide decent homes to ensure vital communications. Think about it. Plumbing tubing

PEX - seemingly a trifle. After all, it is not visible "under a pile of" euro-repair. But if it were not for

PEX plumbing tubing and their correct functioning - that someone was needed to repair from expensive

materials? Completed PEX plumbing tubing are just as important as the quality of wiring, plumbing and

heating, as they provide the vital functions of your home, as a microorganism. If no French stretch ceiling

and parquet Krasnodar else can you do, you are made of PEX plumbing tubing should be an integral part of your

home. Due to the properties of PEX plumbing tubing ensure purity and environmental safety of the human


PEX tubing for Plumbing produced in accordance with a system of quality control and have all the relevant

certificates. PEX plumbing tubing have properties typical for this polymer: it reduced flammability and

increased chemical resistance. Also, PEX plumbing tubing through the quality of the material less sensitive

to UV radiation.

Friday, July 9, 2010

PEX plumbing tubing installation for dummies

PEX plumbing tubing - a quality and reliable materials for the construction of tubinglines. Plumbing PEX

tubing are an essential element in human life. The operation of any premises, whether a cottage, apartment building or office facility, is impossible without a developed system of plumbing and sanitation.


PEX tubing play an important role in the life of the inhabitants of high-rises, because they are familiar

with the problems that accompany the breakthrough of plumbing tubing. Therefore, made of PEX plumbing tubing

will guarantee a comfortable stay in a house or summer home. We suggest you do not have the traditional

tubing of steel, and modern materials - is made of PEX plumbing tubing.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

PEX tubing for gas stations??? Its Fake!

Gaining momentum scope of modern tubing - are PEX tubing for gas stations (petrol stations). All over the world have had a tendency to abandon metal tubing during the construction of gas stations. In their stead come the PEX tubing for gas stations - are more durable, reliable and flexible, both in direct and figurative sense. In particular, the U.S. has about 80% of all gas stations are built using PEX tubing for the gas station. It is very convenient! PEX tubing for the gas station, firstly, it is very easy to mount due to their flexibility and almost no need to repair. The best design for the gas station - is a technology "tubing in tubing". The outer casing and serves a protective function, guaranteeing 100% protection against spillage of oil spillage into the soil, which improves the environmental safety of gas stations. In case of spillage oil get into the tank. This is especially true due to the increased requirements for environmental safety at petrol stations. Naturally, the PEX tubing for gas stations and certified in Canada and are suitable for use in all climates.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Popular things for PEX installation

PEX tubing can be used for various purposes. For example, the popular PEX fittings for exhaust ventilation. Consider, for example, an exhaust tube in the garage, which consists of PEX tubing for ventilation. It should be located not less than 1,5 m above the roof. Please note that you need waterproofing tubing where it passes through the roof to avoid leaks of rain and melt water.

Ventilation apartment or house - also not as easy as it seems at first glance. In today's environment banal air conditioner and air cleaner often enough. Come to the aid of PEX tubing for exhaust ventilation. The most common solution - inlet ventilation system in combination with several independent exhaust. In cafes, restaurants and other public places large numbers of people also need good ventilation of premises, and once again - producers can use PEX tubing for exhaust ventilation. There is another category of institutions, which simply requires PEX tubing for ventilation. It gyms and fitness centers.

Usually installed inside a metal tubing vent exit diameter of 125 and 160 mm and plastic vent tubing with a diameter of 160 mm. In another case, you can install and plastic vent tubing with a diameter of 225 mm. To avoid unpleasant odors and the destruction of sewage systems in the house, sewage risers must have a vent out the roof. To do this, too, fit plastic vent tubing with a diameter of 160 mm. Fans with built shumopoglotitelyami can join tubing with a diameter of 160 mm and plastic vent tubing with a diameter of 225 mm.

Monday, July 5, 2010

PEX tubing of large diameter like 1"

If you live in a country house, you must think how to ensure the maximum level of comfort in your home - water, gas, heating, light. The most popular option in recent years has become well drilling, and therefore increasingly used PEX tubing for wells. Recently popular construction of wells with casing PEX tubing for the wells. First, line a hole steel tubing of large diameter, and then go PEX tubing for wells. The quality of PEX tubing for water wells will not affect, but affect the life of such a construction. So if you want to provide themselves with drinking water, the PEX tubing for wells - this is what you need.

PEX tubing of large diameter - is the tubing diameter of 1" and above. PEX tubing of large diameter perfectly suited for the transport of various media in the construction industry. Other areas of application of PEX tubing of large diameter tubingline networks are for plumbing in large hotel and hospital complexes. PEX tubing of large diameter can be used even trunk tubingline network and shipbuilding. Welding of large diameter PEX tubing by butt welding using a special apparatus.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

PEX tubing for plumbing. PEX tubing of large diameter

The company "BOW fittings" offers you a PEX tubing for plumbing of modern polymers. If you need a plastic tubing for plumbing, which last for a long time, you've come to the right place. Firm BOW fittings "offers competitive rates, flexible terms of cooperation with the shipment of regional warehouses in Canada, the possibility of delivery, as well as an additional assortment of different parts and tools. We offer plastic tubing for plumbing of good quality, which will operate for decades. Generational change, relocate the tenants of houses, and PEX tubing for plumbing company "BOW fittings" will regularly provide housing with water and serve the good of man last longer. PEX tubing for plumbing have distinctive features: it is durable, easy to install, light weight and low cost.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Methods of PEX tubing installation

* Continuous strip;
* Trenchless laying;
* Horizontal drilling;
* Laying on the mountain slopes and ravines;
* Laying in artesian wells;
* Cutting into the existing pipeline.

1. The method of continuous laying of pipes

Fig. 1.1. The method of continuous strip
1-old pipe, 2 - PEX pipe, 3-steel spider, 4-mobile video, 5-wire.

Fig. 1.2. Method of fixing a steel cable to extend the pipe
1-steel spider, 2-bolt connection, 3-steel earring, 4-stopper.

The method of continuous laying of pipes is smuggling in PEX tubing in the pipeline is repaired with the winch.

Before laying of pipes welded PE whip, which extends through specially prepared for the purposes of reconstruction of the well.

This method requires the use of powerful winches, through which new pipe is pulled into the old pipe.

This method is used for reconstruction of water pipes with nominal pressure: 10-16 kg/cm2, sewers: 4 - 6 kg / media are.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Method of trenchless pipe made of PEX with an excavator

Laying pipes in old pipelines with an excavator
1-old pipe, 2 - PEX pipe, 3-Nylon Stick 4-movable roller; 5-nose-cone.

Laying pipes in older pipelines is an upgrade of the old pipeline systems. However, it is important to have a complete understanding of the forces and stresses experienced by the pipe during installation.

This shows how installation of PEX tubing with an excavator. Pre-boiled whip of the PEX pipe is placed on the mobile videos. At one end of the pipe or welded, or with a bolted connection, fixed nose-cone.

The end of the pipe with a wound in the nose cone of the old pipeline. On the PEX pipe is fixed one end of a nylon elastic stick, the other end is attached to the tooth bucket excavator. Smoothly, without jerks, gradually whip is drawn into the old pipeline.

With the introduction of PEX pipes in the existing pipe outer surface of PEX may be damaged, eg scratched, if not to take special measures. These measures include the removal of burrs and sharp edges with the existing pipe inspection using CCTV and the protection of new pipe in the area of administration, particularly in the area it traverses the trimmed edge of the old pipe. Care must be taken so that the depth of the scratches did not exceed 10% of wall thickness. It is therefore recommended to use PE pipes with wall thickness of not less than 5mm.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scheme of PEX Tubing distribution

The scheme of PEX Tubing distribution of air noise from the sewer with a hard pass through the overlap

1 - floor 2 - arrows denote the sound waves - sound 3 - chief wall, 4 - sewage risers, 5 - Fixing collar; 6 - decorative wall panel, and 7 - rigid (concrete) incorporation
The scheme of distribution of air noise from the sewer with an elastic pass through the overlap

The scheme of PEX Tubing distribution of air noise from the sewer with an elastic pass through the overlap

1 - floor 2 - decorative panel, wall, 3 - sewage risers, 4 - Mounting clamp, 5 - chief wall 6 - Arrow denotes the sound wave - noise, 7 - rigid (concrete) incorporation, 8 - elastic sealing
The scheme passes sewer bypass pipeline and riser through the partition and overlap

The scheme passes PEX Tubing and riser through the partition and overlap

1 - risers, 2, 5 - sealing the passage, 3 - floor 4 - outlet pipe 6 - Wall

PEX pipe plus

As noted above, in the literature these issues almost no personal attention. The need to equip piping liners at the intersection of individual elements of the buildings can be justified by several factors.

Straight sections, such as risers from PEX pipe (PEX Tubing) are very sensitive to temperature changes and are able to significantly move. It is obvious that there must install the cartridges. This will create conditions for free movement of pipelines in the case of thermal strains at the possible installation and maintenance, seasonal and diurnal temperature extremes. However, we can not prevent movement of polymeric PEX pipe in the construction elements of buildings. To do this, arrange them joints so as to completely exclude the movement of polymer pipeline construction elements.

PEX pipe for you

However, significant noise sources are the other internal PEX pipe [2]. The corresponding arrangement [3, 4] permits such as sewer PEX pipe through the building structures (Fig. 2, 3 and 4) can significantly reduce the noise emanating from them (the noise level is reflected in the figures the number of arrows). Thus, the study of certain regulations convinces us that the consensus about the mandatory requirements for the arrangement of passages is not yet formed. This is understandable, since the conditions of the intersection of metal and polymer PEX pipe are very diverse: they are material building elements (concrete, brick, wood, etc.), and the various elements (load-bearing walls and walls of living rooms, bathrooms and basements, as well as the overlap ). It is important, and what elements (walls, floors, etc.) traversed by the pipeline, in which the premises is carried out (bathroom, living room, etc.) and what a way to mount (indoor or outdoor) is used. It is from these factors in each case will depend on the criteria for cost-effective arrangement places the intersection, execution of which alone would ensure a reliable and durable operation of any sanitary system from any of the PEX pipe.

Internal PEX pipe systems

These issues are due to the fact that it is always important to know how the simpler, cheaper and more reliable for trouble-free service elements of buildings and pipelines to equip their intersection with the building designs. The analysis of numerous regulatory and literature data does not permit a sufficiently convincing answer to these questions.

Thus, in SNIP 3.05.01-85 ("Internal sanitary systems) - the basic document on the rules of national importance installation of internal systems - there are no recommendations on the arrangement of the pipeline goes through the elements of the buildings, except the following:" non-insulated pipe systems, PEX radiant heating, radiant heat, domestic hot and cold water should not adhere to the surface of building structures ", and" distance from the surface of plaster or lining up the axis of uninsulated PEX pipe with a diameter of nominal bore 32 mm inclusive, in the open strip should be between 35 to 55 mm, diameter 40 -50 mm - from 50 to 60 mm in diameter and 50 mm - was adopted by the working document. Do not reflected sufficiently rules of crossing the elements of buildings and pipelines in the national norm SNIP 2.04.01-85 ("Internal plumbing and drainage of buildings") on the design standards of domestic water and wastewater systems of buildings. Section 17 provides guidance, according to which:

* Aisle seats risers through floor should be sealed with cement mortar to the entire thickness of the overlap (n. 17.9g);
* Riser section above the floor at 8-10 cm (up to horizontal diverter pipe) should be protected by cement mortar thickness of 2-3 cm (§ 17.9d);
* Before burying solution riser pipe should be wrapped roofing waterproofing material without a gap (clause 19.9e). However, this statement applies only to the risers sewer systems. Consideration of various regulatory recommendations on arrangement of the pipeline crossing elements of the buildings shows that they are very incomplete and, moreover, are sometimes contradictory.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Types of PEX tube connections

Today the market in a variety of fittings are presented for metal systems. Talking about how adherence to the tube should be divided by all the fittings on the screw (threaded) and media (press fitting).

In the first case the connection is achieved through the pressure that arises when tightening the nuts on an open ferrule. The figure shows the device of one of the threaded fittings company Pex Al Pex . To seal its tip has a special retention profile with the radial notch and the two O-rings, immediately adjacent to the pipe. Tight connection fitting body with a tip is a special seal. Another gasket is placed between the tip and the end of the pipe. This piece, which eliminates direct contact of the aluminum layer with a metal fitting and thus prevents the electrochemical corrosion, it is usually made of Teflon. As the seals are also recommended teflon gaskets.

As already mentioned, mounting screw connection does not require a special tool: it is made with two wrenches (one nut is tightened, and the second is resistance). To facilitate the introduction of the sealing rings and extend the life of the fitting, use silicone grease. It is prohibited to use mineral oil or other petroleum products. Typically, grease is a range of products produced by manufacturers of PEX pipe.

Installation of PEX tubing

Today in the heating, hot and cold water pipes are successfully used, made of polymer materials or using them. In previous issues of the journal "Everhot" commented mostly on technologies based on the use of flexible pipes made of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX). At the current market of engineering equipment with this product compete vigorously Aluminum pipe. To speak clearly about the advantages of the latter can not, although it is known that a number of reasons, including - psychological, USA customers often prefer the PEX plastic.

An important quality of PEX pipes is their adaptability for installation. They are easy to bend, do not require exact fitting of linear dimensions, with no extras save the form, which gives them the installer.

Major foreign companies, manufacturers do not release PEX pipe themselves, and lead integrated production related equipment: reservoirs, fittings, fasteners, etc. Connect and the connection of pipes with special fittings does not require threading or welding and the application does not take much time.

Specificity of metal-tube requires careful handling it, strict observance of assembly technology. This is especially important because in most cases, the rules require a hidden strip of PEX pipe, where a bad leak is extremely undesirable.

Friday, June 4, 2010

PEX Couplings

PEX fittings are vital to ensure the installation of the PEX tubing systems. One of the most important fittings is the PEX coupling that is increasingly being used to connect the ends of various PEX piping. PEX couplings are of utmost relevance when it comes to connecting the PEX tubing systems.
The most commonly used materials for the PEX couplings are plastic and brass. Out of these two types, plastic PEX couplings are primarily used to check the pressure. The main purpose of PEX couplings is to ensure secure installations by bending tight corners, changing sizes and splitting branches. Straight connectors are the most basic types of PEX couplings that are increasingly being used to various connections of toilets and faucets.
There are basically two types of connections that are being used which include the crimp connection and clamp connection. Copper crimp rings and crimp tools are used for the crimp connection, whereas, clamp tools and stainless steel clamps are used for the clamp connections.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stiebel Eltron or Takagi?

Saving water heater - this is, simply speaking, the expansion tank, which is installed heater and protective anode for the prevention of scale. Average power storage water heater of about 1.2 - 3.0 kW, and it is perfectly suited to the requirements of our power. As for the cost, it is determined by the volume of container and the name of the manufacturer. Average price - Italian Termex and Isea (from 70 to 500 ye). More expensive water heater will cost you from Rheem, Stiebel Eltron, and Takagi (Japan). Their value of 200 y.e and above. The principal difference between expensive and cheap is not just in English and German heaters plenty of space is insulated (due to its water loses only 5 degrees per day), and they are covered with expensive titanium enamel.

The more expensive model, the more it needed technical functions. For example, quick radiant heating (when the water cools to 0.5 degrees, turn on automatic radiant heating).

Before you buy a water heater, you should determine for what purpose you will use it. If you only want to wash the dishes, then you have enough water heater to 10 -15 liters. To take a shower - no less than 30. For the needs of a large family of at least 100 liters. Note also that the majority of storage heaters work under pressure, they are called artesian. There is also the so-called liquid - water, they poured directly into the tank, and they are designed for one faucet (sink).

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Installation of Taco pumps and commissioning

In any case, whatever the Taco pump was not selected, the installation must adjust its operating point in all possible modes. When commissioning should be supplied to measure flow rate (determined by the speed of filling any container of known volume, such as barrels), produced by pressure (as indicated by pressure gauge on the top), and consumed with the current (measured current outputs with forceps).

These characteristics are reconciled with passport data Taco 006 pump in the catalog. By exceeding the operating parameters (typically some reserve capacity for example, provides for installation of filters) should cover the heating Taco Mixing valve at the outlet from the well, to create additional local resistance, sufficient to establish the correct operating point - mid-performance Q (H).

Installation, as the choice of the circulator pumps, should exercise trained professionals erection company must have a license to install the equipment.

  • Taco 006 B4 - Taco 006 B4 Bronze Circulator Pump, 1/8 HP, 115V
  • Taco 006 bronze - Taco 006 Bronze Circulator Pump, 1/8 HP, 115V
  • Taco 006 ST4 - Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump, 1/8 HP, 115V
  • Taco 006 Stainless Steel - Taco 006 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump, 1/8 HP, 115V

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Electric water heaters. Features of the national economy.

Consider the work of electric water heaters from the standpoint of physics. In the first phase electric power is converted into heat, here efficiency depends mainly on the material of the radiant heating element (from the loss of electricity in it and from the heat). In the second stage heat is transferred from element to water (efficiency depends on the area of contact with the water element). At each stage, some of the lost energy. Depending on the type of device, the efficiency is in the range 0,9-1,0. The magnitude of the Tankless water heater efficiency is close to the similar figure of perpetual motion, ie to 1, but, unfortunately, the loss still exists.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Radiant Heating Pumps: Taco 006, Taco 007, Taco 005

Radiant Heating pumps - a compact radiant heating installations for stand-alone radiant heating and hot water supply of residential and industrial premises. They are environmentally friendly, as they work without burning fuel and does not produce harmful emissions, as well as extremely cost-effective, because the cart to the Radiant Heating pump, for example, 1 kWh of electricity, depending on the mode of operation and operating conditions, produces up to 3 - 4 kW of thermal energy.

Application of Radiant Heating pumps of various thermal power is fundamentally new solution to the heat and can, depending on the season and working conditions to achieve maximum effectiveness in their work.

Taco pumps like Taco 006, Taco 007, Taco 005 have a long life before overhaul (10 - 15 radiant heating season) and operate in a fully automatic mode. Service installations is seasonal technical inspection and periodic control mode. Payback equipment does not exceed 2 - 3 radiant heating seasons.

On the Canadian market taco pumps - a novelty, but in developed countries, these devices are manufactured and successfully operated for over 30 years.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Tankless water heaters-class support various modes of economy. For example, the equipment company STIBEL ELTRON (Series: Tempra 12, Tempra 15, Tempra 20, Tempra 24) provides automatic radiant heating at a reduced rate. radiant heating the contents of a expansion tank occurs when the main stage during the radiant heating of the preferential tariff (night). During the day, radiant heating is not performed. In case of need by clicking on the appropriate button you can make the inclusion of the water heater in the mode of rapid radiant heating. In more simple models of Electrolux SL series there half-power mode, in which odderzhivaetsya low temperature of 55 ° C. To do this in the Tankless water heater installed two radiant heating elements on the 0,8 or 0,9 kW, pressing on the front panel of EVN, you can turn on the economy. These models of water heaters quite expensive.

There are general guidelines for the selection and mode of operation of any EVN. Do not choose too small storage water heaters. With long-term mode of operation is better to use higher-capacity unit, but at 60 ° C than at 85 ° C. Temperature 60 ° C guarantees:

* Gentle treatment for the reservoir and pipelines by using water saturated with chemicals causing corrosion;
* Less fouling, which destroys the protective layer inside the tank;
* Reduction of energy consumption to maintain the temperature of hot water.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Expansion tanks Extrol Amtrol

Extrol Amtrol with the expansion tank (15 to 5000 liters) made of stainless steel sheet in accordance with the requirements of the UNI-EN and fused according to strict standards, they are produced on automated production lines, welded by certified welding materials. Models from 2 to 4 liters are used for different types of configuration. They are not subject to ISPESL testing, since the content in these coolant does not exceed 25 liters.

In addition, tanks can be manufactured in special versions on request, in accordance with international requirements. Models from Amtrol 30 to Extrol 90 - 500 liters may be built into various types of equipment. In addition, the tanks can be made in special versions on request in accordance with international requirements. Of particular note is the high quality of the expansion tanks, which Amtrol produce on our own equipment. The expansion tanks used in a series of ERL, performed using a special method, which allows to achieve accurate measurements, corresponding to the actual volume of the tank, thus reducing the risk of mechanical damaged during operation.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selection, installation and commissioning of the TACO 006 pump

No one kind of TACO 006 pump is not so much failures and outages, as with domestic submersible TACO 006 pumps. The reason is not as equipment, but the fact that the design and selection of exercise are not professional designers, and owners of private houses themselves, or not enough qualified staff assembly organizations. Where, for example, non-specialist to know that the engine picked up by a wide margin the TACO 006 pump may burn out if the installation and configuration of the system does not bring the TACO 006 pump in the working range. We hope that this article will help readers to avoid such errors.


Regarding the types of Taco pumps for domestic water supply, especially to be separate surface and submersible pumps. The first sets out the source and can usually lift water from depths of up to 7-8 meters, the second - Pit and borehole pumps - working while in the water, and applied to its filing with greater depth (they are suspended in the well or wells on the cable). Horizontally installed downhole pump can also be used for water extraction from rivers or lakes when they are away from home and need a big head.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gas tankless water heater Takagi JR

Gas Wall module with modulated burner Takagi JR wattage 15 - 24 kW.

Do you need a compact, economical gas wall tankless water heater at an affordable price? No problem: Takagi JR tankless water heater will certainly be the right decision. With it, you not only save when buying, but also for maintenance. It's good for both the budget and the environment. Thanks modulated water-cooled torch with a preliminary mix with air combustion occurs with a minimum allocation of harmful substances. Takagi JR gas tankless water heater fully meets the requirements of the standard of Canada.

Today, you can choose wall-mounted gas tankless water heater as well as electric tankless water heaters (such as Stiebel Eltron Tempra 12, Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15, Tempra 20, Tempra 24 Plus, Tempra 29 Plus, Tempra 36 Plus).

Two-wall-hung tankless water heaters operate simultaneously in two modes - a heated room and heated water.

Wall-mounted heating tankless water heater Takagi JR all performance classes differ operational reliability, energy savings, environmental friendliness and convenience of treatment, consistent with international standards of environmental safety.

Takagi JR tankless water heater - a compact, economical hot water gas tankless water heater with automatic tankless water heater.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PEX Multi-tools.

For electrical works are very popular tools that, in addition, they allow to carry only one tool instead of two or three, are also very convenient and easy to use. A striking example is the tools PEX Crimp Tool and PEX Clamp Tool. Duo-Stripper is designed for stripping wire cross-section from 0,5 to 6,0 mm2 and cutting the pex tubing sheath wires up to 25mm2. Duo-Crimp combines the functions of cleaning, cutting wire cross-section from 0,5 to 6,0 mm2 and crimp ferrules-liners to 6mm2. Both instruments can be easily operated with one hand and be sure to bring pleasure quickly made and quality work.

Just a versatile instrument can be attributed to the functions of K10: crimping insulated terminals from 0,5 to 6,0 mm2, the shape of molding - oval, pruning, and removal of insulation from the wires of the same cross section, cutting screws M2 ,6-M5, and K60 - crimping Laminating uninsulated terminals from 0,75 to 6,0 mm2, pruning and removal of insulation from the wires, cutting bolts M2 ,6-M5.

The new model K007 contains three interchangeable dies for crimp terminals, which are easily replaced at any time, as they are stored in the arms and fastened by latch. This tool is intended for crimping insulated terminals cross-sections from 0.5 to 6 mm2, uninsulated tip section from 0,5 to 10 mm2 and tube tip section from 0,5 to 10 mm2.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PEX Tool for crimping ferrules-liners.

The most popular model in this series tool K1, K46, K3, K35 - a hand tool for crimping ferrules-liners cross section from 0.14 to 35 mm2 (range of crimp depending on model). Form crimping can be trapezoid or unilateral indentation. Weight of the tool from 0.190 to 0.240 kg. Model K1 supplemented mechanism stripping wire cross-section of 0,14 to 2,5 mm2.

PEX Tools for crimping tubular lugs (tinned copper non-insulated).

PEX tool with ratchet mechanism suitable for crimping tubular lugs force the small size, cross-sections from 0,75 to 16,00 mm 2. For more tips section are tools K05, K06, K09 with the ranges crimp 6-50mm2, 10-25mm2, 25-150mm2, respectively. Form Crimping hexagon. Tools K7 and K07 are designed for crimping ferrules section 120-240 mm2 and 185-400mm2, crimping method - unilateral indentation. The range of crimp in all the instruments, except K02, varies by rotation matrices.

Monday, May 10, 2010

PEX Tool for crimping insulated terminals.

PXT3101 page and PXT3201 are designed for double insulated crimp terminals section 0,1 and 0,5-1mm2-6mm2. A universal tool for PXT3202, except crimp terminals section of 0,5-6mm2, complementing the functions of cutting and stripping wires up to 6mm2. All models are equipped with ratchet.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

PEX Tools for cutting and removing the pex tubing insulation

Mechanical PEX tools Everhot K110, K115 and K150 is recommended for cutting aluminum or copper pex tubing diameters up to 14mm, 25mm and 50mm respectively.

For stranded wire and pex tubing is designed PEX tool K102 (max cutting diameter 20mm). A separate series of tools provided with ratchet. Step by step cutting pex tubing allows you to easily and neatly cut the pex tubing of large diameter, for example, tools K106 / 1 and K106 / 2, designed to cut the pex tubing diameter up to 32mm and 52mm. For stripping round pex tubing is designed tool Jokari - convenient and practical knife with a curved blade, the working diameter: 8-28mm.

Also for cutting virtually any pex tubing will be indispensable knife production Greenlee. The main blade of this knife is designed for cutting thick pex tubing sheath and the inner blade allows you to make a thin pex tubing insulation, without damaging the internal wires. When the mass stripping wires up to 4,0 mm2 useful tool HIGHT STRIP, otherwise the same results when working with wires recommend using the so-called multifunctional tools.

Friday, May 7, 2010


The system is free from the air - it is reality. Hydraulic Spirovent Spirovent Air Superior has been designed specifically for effective de-aeration piping systems of tall buildings:
* For the central heating system with a static height of 15 m between the boiler and the highest point;
* For cooling systems with a static height of more than 5 m between the chiller and the highest point

New hydraulic Spirovent can be used in virtually any environment. Due to a significant volume of deaeration he quickly releases the system from the air for a considerable period of time. The principle of its action is that part of the water in its tank is exposed to low blood pressure. Through this dissolved air and gases are removed from the water and the output from the vent. In conclusion, subjected to degassing of the water is TACO pumped back into the system, where it again absorbs air bubbles and are available in water gas.
Benefits for professionals in the field of heating and users

# Deaerated water
# Safe and intact system
# Lifetime of the system
# Optimal heat transfer components of the system
# No noise
# Easy installation and operation

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Accumulator for individual water supply systems

Outwardly, hydraulic accumulators are very similar to flanged expansion tanks like Extrol 15 or Extrol 30 of radiant heating systems. However, the appointment and service conditions have other, hence there is a positive difference.
First, the mode accumulator over loaded. In normal operation, its frequency response is from 5 to 15 times per hour with a well chosen volume accumulator. If the volume is chosen correctly, this value can increase up to 20-30 times per hour. Of course such an operation requires a reliable, flexible membrane which can withstand a large number of loads.
Secondly, hydraulic accumulators are used in household water supply systems, so the material must not be toxic and permitted for use with drinking water.
Thirdly, the water in the water supply system in most cases comes from a well or wells. It is saturated with oxygen, which is released and accumulates in the membrane. Therefore, large accumulators at the top of the diaphragm is pipe and valve for venting the air. The appearance of such accumulator presented earlier in Figure 5.
Fourth, hydraulic accumulators usually placed on the line of cold water in the water supply system, so in terms of the temperature at which they operate, the regime more sparing. Typically, the water temperature in the system can not exceed 30 ° C.
As expansion tanks of heating systems, hydraulic accumulators are filled with water is not completely. The volume of "issue" with the work accumulator water is less than the net volume expansion tank heating system.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The radiant heating system "warm floor"

One of the most common today is radiant floor heating. Most consumers find water "warm floor". As the coolant can be used and frost free agent, but the heat will still be water.
Let's look at one of the most common water floor heating systems, which is popularly called Stalinkas. It is a structure consisting of two-pipe routing and having an upper filling. Most often these systems are found in low-rise buildings Stalinist.
The main advantage of this system is its reliability. In addition, it requires in relation to a no maintenance. Ways to create Stalinkas only two:

* According to a parallel scheme
* According to the vector diagram
In the first case, the location of the heating system was determined by type of location of bottling. The system, made by a vector diagram, more often called - with a fair movement of coolant. Among other schemes, it is the most reliable. In addition, her work is characterized by constant uniform.
So, as mentioned above, the main advantage of this system is the uniformity of its heating radiators. That is, you do not have to wait until the required space heats up, going from room to room.
But despite this advantage in our days, the system is mainly used only in country houses. This is explained by the fact that her work is not possible at elevations above the fifth floor. This significantly limits the ability of the Stalinist heating system, but at the same time, does not make it less effective.
Order heating private houses can be in our company.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Takagi water heater

Takagi water heater - perfect water heater for heating and hot water heatering house area of 250 sq.m. Typically, such houses can be difficult to allocate a separate room for water heater equipment item. Takagi water heaters do not need a special room. All they need is a section of the Takagi area not more than 0,5 meters and free approach to it. Locate this water heater can be in the kitchen, closet, even in the hallway. The only condition would be that the chimney for the flue gases.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Invest In Radiant Heating for an Economical Choice

If you want to upgrade your existing heating system but still want to keep costs under control or better still, reduce electricity costs, then radiant heating devices are the best solution.

Given the fact that modern radiant heating devices are standalone floor units, they have the ability to heat up the whole room easily and rapidly. These units can be plugged into existing wall outlets. However, before connecting the device, you should check the existing load over the electrical circuit, which has the unit plugged. You must also check for the amperage in the breaker or the fuse that serves the outlet. Make sure to jot down this information.


You will also need to add on the dimensions of the area that has to be heated such as floor width, length and ceiling height. Once you know this information, it becomes easier to purchase the radiant heating at the store. Once you purchase an economy unit, you might need an additional thermostatic switch for controlling temperature. It is a great idea to invest a little more in a thermostat that comes along with timer device in-built. This enables you to operate the radiant heating unit even at low temperatures even when the room is empty. The typical cord length is six feet or even lesser, while other radiant heating units might necessitate an electrician for installation.

The main installation entails placing the unit near the outer wall couple of inches from the floor and placed away from all dressers, furniture, drawer chests etc.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Packaging and Sizing Options In PEX Plumbing Supplies

The PEX plumbing supplies come in a vast assortment of packaging as well as sizing options and this makes them suited to use across a vast range of applications as well.

Packaging and Sizing Alternatives

The various packaging as well as sizing options available with PEX plumbing supplies include all possible ranges from 0.25 inches right up to 1 inch of CTS. The typical packaging of these supplies is either in the form of coils or in straight lengths of 20 inches. There are several products amongst the supplies that have been special color coded to help with differentiation. In terms of overall coil length, it can stretch to 1000 inches although various shorter lengths are also found.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What to choose - hydronic or electric heating?

Consider the water ways and PEX floor heating. Particular attention is paid to the features and advantages of PEX systems.

The value of thermal comfort for the health, performance and mood can not be overemphasized.

To the room was comfortable conditions, air temperature should be as little different from the average temperature of surrounding surfaces, and the temperature of the heating devices should be as little hotter than the body.

This requirement is fully consistent with the system "warm floor". Floor heating systems radiate heat evenly throughout the floor area, eliminate the formation of convection currents that create drafts and carrying the dust into the air. With no radiators, pipes, wires outside housing becomes more aesthetic and functional.

Floor heating can be done in two ways: using hot water or electricity.

With water heating in the floor to lay pipes through which circulates the heated liquid and the electrical uses special heating mate, which generate heat when passing by them current.

In terms of heat, both methods are equivalent. But there are several additional conditions, which should correspond to the heating system and which should receive special attention.

The first condition - is security. Too high a temperature (40 C or more) can cause illness, even the feet. When a liquid is heated floor needs a separate circuit with low temperature coolant, or a special system of regulation. In PEX tubing systems, this condition is fulfilled automatically install a special thermostat.

Second - is reliability. Replacement or repair of floor heating require significant expenditures. In water systems use special plastic or metal pipes from corroding materials. To ensure the reliability and integrity of the system, before concreting, as well as in the concrete, it is necessary to produce test tube under the pressure of not less than the black bar to check all connections and seals.

Hydronic Radiant Heating vs. Electric Radiant Heating

Friday, April 16, 2010

How to choose a tankless water heater for apartmens and house

Summer - season not only leave, but the hot water outages. Urban residents within three to four weeks, forced to return to the antediluvian techniques in personal hygiene - wash basin and teapot. Or maybe do not care about the vandalism of public services and establish a self-contained apartment hot tankless water heater? Shortage in boilers in the stores, so only select and install it should wisely.

In Europe, 35% of the housing stock is located in the autonomous supply of warm water. Every third resident of Germany water heats the boiler of Siemens or Takagi, and the entire Israeli army to clean the shower, attached to the device Atmor. Why do not we turn to their experience? Moreover, the hot water as disconnected, and will turn off every summer. On the Russian market water heaters are models of leading Western manufacturers - Takagi, Siemens, Electrolux, AEG, Stibel Eltron, Gorenje, Ariston, BAXI, Atmor. And the first question that needs to ask itself the buyer boiler: what type of device he needed - savings or Takagi Tankless.

In the instantaneous water heater heats water only when its costs, and directly into the stream. That is, you can use it as a normal centralized hot water supply - opened the tap and wash up. In the storage water is heated in advance, depending on the power and scope of the instrument, it must include an hour, and even a few hours before you have a need for hot water. In the warm water flow heater can spend all you want users in a row, and in the storage capacity of 30 liters of hot water enough for one not very generous souls. Then wait for hot water again.

It would seem that everything is clear: to take Tankless heater. Manufacturers of these devices actively using all of these advantages Tankless heaters in its advertising. But in reality the problem of choice is more complicated.

- The "dead" Tankless heater, which allows you to get a weak trickle of warm water from the mains power 5 kW. Such power in a modern apartment has only one place - in the electric outlet. Total apartment area network (wall outlet) does not allow for devices with a capacity of more than 2 kW.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PEX tubing and Copper pipe

Everything related to copper pipes.

Copper - one of the first metals reclaimed by humanity. But this does not prevent it, and today remain in demand in different household structures and devices. A special place in this series cover copper tubes for various intra Communications ..

Despite the long history of existence, copper pipes continue to compete successfully with the modern "family" - plastic and metal water pipes. And in many ways much superior to them. Copper pipes are practically impermeable to various viruses and bacteria, as well as fats, oils, herbicides, insecticides and other harmful substances. Chlorine contained in tap water, has no damaging effects on copper.

Moreover, chlorine, as a strong oxidizing agent, even prolong the life of copper pipes, because after about 100 hours operation on the inner wall of the pipe forms a thin but durable protective layer sanitary engineering.

Valuable for water supply systems is another property of copper pipes - they are not subject to the rise on the inner walls of organic

and inorganic deposits. The obvious advantages as high stability temperature differences (range of operating temperatures for copper pipes ranging from -200 ° C to +250 ° C) and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

When comparing the properties of copper with other materials attracts the attention of its high plasticity, which increases the safety of water: copper pipes, in contrast quilting, are not afraid of freezing in water-filled condition. A resistance to ultraviolet radiation distinguishes copper from PEX Tubing, which under the action of sunlight begin to evaporate. Finally, low roughness (less
than steel and even plastic pipes) makes the same conditions using copper pipes of smaller diameter.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tankless water heaters

Vaillant MAG (model XZ C +, RXZ, RXI, GRX) - Domestic instantaneous gas water heaters for the efficient supply of hot water, high performance, safe operation, stylish design, a pressure regulator, German quality.

The new instantaneous gas water heaters Vaillant atmoMAG exclusiv will give you extraordinary comfort and convenience in use. Put it in the kitchen and your home will always be hot water!

The reduction in size, a new attractive design, quiet operation and low-temperature external surfaces, the unit will fit perfectly into any interior, and built-in monitoring devices to meet high safety requirements.

All water heaters that contain in its labeling the letter R (RXZ, RXI, GRX), having in their composition of gas pressure regulator (packed in a box with the water heater).

Gas pressure regulator ensures stable operation of the heater Vaillant, with nominal parameters for old and new systems of gas supply in the whole range of gas pressure at the inlet (from 13 to 20 mbar) without reconfiguration, the fluctuations of gas pressure have no effect on the quality of the water heater Vaillant.

Warning Gas pressure regulator in some models available outside the body of the gas column (below) and higher than indicated in the table dimensions of the device. For more information specify our managers.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern design trends of individual heating systems using gas boilers

Interest in relation to individual heating systems is manifested by both private developers and public utilities.

For the owner of a country house boiler - it is an opportunity to provide comfort and convenience away from civilization.

In the mass construction of the idea of introducing Flats heating is a way out of a crisis situation for public utilities and the way of saving on utilities payments for users.

Increased demand from consumers of heating equipment sends a powerful impetus to the producers, who seek not only to increase the offer, but also to improve your product. His periodic modernization aims to attract the attention of potential buyers to benefit from the latest developments in everyday life.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The use of polypropylene pipes: external utilities

Outdoor PEX tubing communication include thermal network, water supply and sewage system. One of the enumeration is enough to understand how important they are for the normal life of any city. They are also required for the townspeople, as refrigeration for storage of perishable products. And just as in the case of refrigerators, the absence of these undoubted benefits of civilization, we are starting to notice, only if there was a malfunction of any of these systems. Central heating, water supply, sewerage - for the implementation of each of these systems need reliable pipe, the quality of which depends on whether the work of engineering services uninterrupted.

At the present time to build and repair of external engineering networks are increasingly used polypropylene pipes. However, the scope of the polypropylene tubes are much wider, because of their unique properties. Suffice it to say that it is possible to transport various chemical solutions. It is no exaggeration to say that the polypropylene pipes for the economy become as necessary as cold stores in the summer. In those cases when you need a special strength and durability of pipes, used their reinforcement by special trains, most commonly used aluminum and fiberglass. Reinforced PEX tubing on operational parameters may well replace steel pipes, known for their reliability. One of the technologies of reinforcement lies in the fact that the pipe is covered with a layer of aluminum foil on top of a layer of polypropylene. Thus we obtain three-layer construction - two layers of polypropylene and between them a layer of aluminum. Pipes manufactured by this technology, different lower coefficient of thermal expansion and can be successfully used for the construction of thermal paths.

Regardless of the technology of manufacturing all plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion and looks quite aesthetically pleasing, even without paint, which distinguishes them from the metal pipes. Through the use of plastic pipe during installation of the pipeline achieves great savings. It manifests itself in practically all phases of construction. For transportation of plastic pipes do not need heavy equipment and installation is done quickly enough. When laying pipelines in addition to PEX fittings, tees and other fasteners can be used for welding, which is done using special welding machines.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taco pumps (dual)

Dual pumps can operate on a parallel circuit. This makes sense when you want more performance at a relatively low pressure, or when you want more processing power for a short period of time. In parallel work is possible to use the pump with a smaller engine, while having far greater potential for energy savings. All the characteristics of pumps with wet rotor "also include a description of parallel operation of a dual pump.

Characterization of two pumps operating on a parallel circuit is obtained by adding the productivity Q (m3 / h) of each pump at a constant pressure of H (m). But keep in mind that this characteristic for dual pumps operating in parallel, will be somewhat less. This is due to the pressure drop in the housing dual pump for high performance.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Universal Tankless Water Heaters

Approximately one-third of our population lives in individual houses and rundown apartments with stove heating, spending much time on the content of furnaces and furnace. It would not have been good stoves, they spend a lot of fuel, because the rate of use is low. Fuel, as they say, "flies in the tube. Furnace heating does not even maintain the temperature during the day in the apartment: it varies from normal in either direction to 10 degrees, and it is harmful to human health.

In the newspaper "New York Times" on January 13, 1985 under the title "Does warm oven?" Published an article by engineer A. Bykeer and correspondent A. Abigman, which describe the sad state of furnace heating and raise the question of its improvement.

I was young (as a former masonry, and then - civil engineer) had to put a lot of different design and brick oven. Unfortunately, they all violate the accomplishment of an apartment, demanded a large fuel consumption and time-consuming for fuel and maintenance. Therefore, you need to move the device hot-water heating small houses and apartments. And for this it is necessary to develop a versatile compact system, that they were given water and heating, and hot water flats.

The author of this book was developed such a combined system of water heating, hot steam and water, which eliminates many of the shortcomings of existing systems and significantly reduces labor costs for maintenance of the system, creates a comfort that is comparable with the conditions of modern well-maintained apartments.

Currently, much attention is paid to the development of horticulture cooperatives, where people allocated plots of land, usually built garden houses, which are used not only in the summer. Often the question arises - how and what to heat a house? Recommended electric heaters of the road. Offered and systems that use solar energy. Unfortunately, they can not be used in cloudy weather. Also known design solar installations are not without drawbacks. For example, in the newspaper "Communist Tajikistan on 06.09.87 was published information about solar energy. The fact that it offers to customers is important, but the installation was deficient:

* Valid only on sunny days, no accumulation of stored energy;
* Solar panels are flat and motionless - directed all the time from one angle to the sun.

Presented to the reader combined system allows the use of solar and battery, and the design is such that there is no need to rotate. You can still reserve accumulated heat.

The book is written in simple, accessible language and is designed not only to specialists but also for those without special education. The text is provided with numerous explanations and drawings and, in fact, is a guide for the construction and operation of the system.

Takagi Manifacturer

product page at PexUniverse

Taco Circulator Pumps for PEX Tubing

One of the biggest advantages about these pumps is the presence of a rugged motor, which has been designed to last for many years to come. The special resilient mounted design coupled with motor with split base, in-built overload protector as well as sleeve bearings ensure and facilitate quiet operation of these Taco circulator pumps. The construction of these pumps is also very unique and special. The proven design construction comprises impeller with non-ferrous material available in a single piece, shaft made of stainless steel, sleeve bearing with rugged bronze material, seal assembly with ceramic or carbon available in a two-piece design, spring coupling of durable design and in one piece etc. These features and design elements represent a proven and tested construction in such Taco circulator pumps resulting in high performance and efficiency.

Author: Taco Circulator Pumps for PEX Tubing

Jason Bold

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Replaceable Cartridge fot Taco Pumps

The service costs are reduced dramatically with the presence of a replaceable cartridge inside the pump. Hence, whenever any maintenance might be required, all that is needed is replacement of the cartridge instead of having to dispose of the entire pump. This reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Low Consumption of Power

The presence of direct drive feature in the 0011-F4-2IFC Taco entails that the amount of power consumed is much lesser compared to conventional pumps. The absence of any mechanical seal as well as presence of self lubricating mechanism means that there is more durability to the pump as well as longer lasting performance.

Construction, Connection and Applications

The Taco 0011 Cast Iron Circulator Pump is constructed from stainless steel, bronze or cast iron and has flanged connections. The versatility of this pump lends it useful across a wide array of applications.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Purpose And Features Of Taco 3 Way Zone Valve

The new series as part of the Taco 3 way zone valve systems is designed with a specific purpose of saving energy as well as reducing fuel costs. Each of the Taco 3 way zone valve systems is equipped with its very own thermostat to facilitate accurate control of temperatures.
Unique Features
Irrespective of whether it is the Taco 561, Taco 562 or the Taco 560 the Taco 3 way zone valve has been designed with unique features. These features aid in proven performance from the system. There are more than a million of these Taco 3 way zone valve systems in use now. Since these Taco 3 way zone valve systems have consistently delivered as far as performance is concerned, they happen to be the topmost choice across various industries. The quiet nature of the operation of the Taco 3 way zone valve systems means that there is complete silence of operation along with rugged dependability.
Long Lasting
The range of Taco 3 way zone valve systems are designed to last for many years. Whether it is the Taco 561, Taco 562 or the Taco 560 the construction uses bellows made of Beryllium copper to separate the system water from the air. The heat motors work silently and it saves energy too because the heat motor in the Taco 3 way zone valve is not always energized while opening the valve. The sweat connections and bronze body ensures a tight shutting off to facilitate hassle-free service. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

PEX heat transfer plates

The radiant heat is being widely used to promote various heating systems for both residential as well as commercial sectors. The idea of generating the radiant heat seems easy however getting a heat system that uniformly distributes heat is tough. PEX heat transfer plates are one of the best ways to promote radiant heat systems.

How do the PEX heat transfer plates work?

These heat transfer plates work efficiently by distributing the radiant heat from the various PEX tubing, piping and valves. These heat transfer plates are available in variety of shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of the users.

Due to the molecular structure of the Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is uniform because these are cross linked and thus offer a laminar flow. The PEX heat transfer plates are available in single and double width. Depending upon the thickness of these plates they can deliver a wide range of heat over a large area and that also for a longer duration. Another feature that decides the amount and rate of heat transfer is the design. The amount of heat transfer will depend on the shape and the heat would be delivered in the units of BTU per hour.

The use of these PEX heat transfer plates is that they can work in extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold. They do not get brittle at the temperatures below freezing point. Their cross linking nature makes them highly bendy so they can be easily molded and laid down in various subfloors, snowmelt systems and other radiant heat systems.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All About The Taco Zone Valve Control

The Taco zone valve control functions with three, four as well as five zones each operating with two, three as well as four-wire type zone valves. All of the Taco zone valve control systems have extended warranty of three years and have been UL listed.

Three Zone System

The Taco ZVC403 is nothing but a three zone type valve, which works perfectly along with two, three as well as four-wire type zone valves. These Taco zone valve control systems have been completed protected with fuse and has in-built priority switch as well as end switch. The PC board kind of layout is easy to use by contractors and does away with common problems associated with improper wiring or the unprofessional appearance of traditional installations of zone valves. The sturdy connections of screws in the Taco zone valve control enhance reliability aspects and indicator lights on the exterior of the Taco ZVC403 provides immediate diagnostic feedback. This cuts down on installation times.

Other Varieties

The Taco zone valve control systems come in other variants such as taco ZVC404, Taco ZVC405, Taco ZVC406 as well as Taco ZVC404-EXP and Taco ZVC406-EXP. The heating controls of the Taco zone valve control systems combine trustworthiness of zone valves from Taco, thermostats, circulators with priority zoning as well as circulators of the “OO” family. All of this results in advanced features for the Taco zone valve control system to provide for seamless system integration irrespective of the application in use.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What is Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made up of?

Radiant heat systems - Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing
Most of the individuals who have been residing in the colder regions of the world find it really difficult to have warm and cozy feeling during the winter season. The use of oxygen barrier PEX tubing is encouraged in such regions that need radiant heat.
What is Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made up of?
The PEX tubing is a kind of polyethylene polymer that is highly cross linked and is therefore also known as cross linked polyethylene. Since this is made of high cross linkages and is of polymeric nature this property renders it flexibility and elasticity. This tubing is highly tested and sustains pressure up to 100 psi and that also at high temperature of 180 degree Fahrenheit. The main benefit is that they make use of oxygen barrier and this prevents corrosion of various elements.
Types of oxygen barrier PEX tubing:
Depending upon the various radiant systems and heat requirements there are variety of such tubing. The kind of heat radiant tubing to be used can be selected by taking an advice from the engineer who would be designing the heat radiant system.
v ½ PEX Tubing this is the most commonly used in most of the heat radiant systems like in concrete slabs and sub floors.
v ¾ PEX tubing system it is mostly used for snow melt systems as they require high flow of radiant heat.
v 1 PEX tubing system can be used for supply and return lines and this can be used for outdoor wood furnace systems, boilers and other systems.
These oxygen barrier PEX tunings are an excellent source of radiant heat and also posses’ great flexibility so they can be used in radiant floorings, baseboard and boiler systems. Their flexible nature formulates them to be cost effective.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PVC Fittings In All Sizes And Types

These days, it is possible to get access to PVC fittings in a vast array of specifications as well as sizes. In terms of distribution systems for water, the PVC fittings are widely used across the globe.

Different Varieties

The modern range of PVC fittings are available in plenty of choices. For example, there are the regular PVC fittings elbow variety in the standard 90 degree measurement and come in sizes ranging from 1.25 inches right up to 4 inches and even 4x3 and 6 inch measurements. Then, there are PVC fittings available in the street elbow versions ranging in sizes from 1.25 inches right up to 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches etc. There are also PVC fittings available in 45 degree angle in elbow varieties. There are also PVC caps, PVC couplings, PVC reducer couplings, PVC female and male adapters, sanitary tees, Wye, Long sweep PVC fittings of elbow variety as well as PVC Bushing.

What It Means

PVC fittings stand for PolyVinyl Chloride fittings, and this material is one of the most popular thermoplastic polymers. Pipes carrying water within industrial or residential settings are actually made out of PVC. Given the fact that this material is lightweight, has a high degree of strength and lesser amount of reactivity, it is the trusted choice when it comes to PVC fittings. The versatility in shapes such as elbow, street elbow, long sweep elbow etc. is accounted for the fact that these PVC fittings are easily molded to arrive at complex bends. It is also easy to bond PVC fittings to each other using heat bonding or chemical bonding processes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Choosing the best Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing

Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing is essential to know which kind of plastic material is used to prepare it. Choosing an Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made out of cheap material can be dangerous. Flexible pipe for drinking water and hot water heating which are available in the market are usually made from raw materials. The next thing that you need to know when buying Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing is the brand of material used to produce it. Manufacturers of Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing must learn about the kind of commodity raw materials. The examples of trademarks can serve as BASF Lupolen 5261 ZQ 100 for PEX pipes made by the process of Engel (trumpet Wirsbo-PEX), Hoechst Hostalen PPH 2222 for Pex Tubing, Shell PB 4121 for Pex Tubing.

The next essential thing that you should keep in mind is to check if the chimney is marked properly or not. Marking on chimney must not be erased and should include different details like mark PEX tubing, manufacturer’s name, pipe size (outside diameter, wall thickness), pressure allowed in permissible operating temperature, maximum operating temperature, the machine room, stamp approval of relevant supervisory authority and year of its production.

The manufacturer from whom you choose Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing must give you the proof if the product is controlled through a test institute for the maintenance of the quality standards. Also, you must know if the product owns an official permission for its proposed usage. Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing manufacturer must offer proof of authorization. This is mainly true for Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing intended to be used in hot water and supply systems. Another important factor that concerns your health is if Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing produces any negative effect if used in hot water. The manufacturer should also have a certificate that the products are non-harmful to health.

By confirming the above mentioned points, you can make sure if the Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing you are purchasing is original and reliable or not.
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