Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The use of polypropylene pipes: external utilities

Outdoor PEX tubing communication include thermal network, water supply and sewage system. One of the enumeration is enough to understand how important they are for the normal life of any city. They are also required for the townspeople, as refrigeration for storage of perishable products. And just as in the case of refrigerators, the absence of these undoubted benefits of civilization, we are starting to notice, only if there was a malfunction of any of these systems. Central heating, water supply, sewerage - for the implementation of each of these systems need reliable pipe, the quality of which depends on whether the work of engineering services uninterrupted.

At the present time to build and repair of external engineering networks are increasingly used polypropylene pipes. However, the scope of the polypropylene tubes are much wider, because of their unique properties. Suffice it to say that it is possible to transport various chemical solutions. It is no exaggeration to say that the polypropylene pipes for the economy become as necessary as cold stores in the summer. In those cases when you need a special strength and durability of pipes, used their reinforcement by special trains, most commonly used aluminum and fiberglass. Reinforced PEX tubing on operational parameters may well replace steel pipes, known for their reliability. One of the technologies of reinforcement lies in the fact that the pipe is covered with a layer of aluminum foil on top of a layer of polypropylene. Thus we obtain three-layer construction - two layers of polypropylene and between them a layer of aluminum. Pipes manufactured by this technology, different lower coefficient of thermal expansion and can be successfully used for the construction of thermal paths.

Regardless of the technology of manufacturing all plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion and looks quite aesthetically pleasing, even without paint, which distinguishes them from the metal pipes. Through the use of plastic pipe during installation of the pipeline achieves great savings. It manifests itself in practically all phases of construction. For transportation of plastic pipes do not need heavy equipment and installation is done quickly enough. When laying pipelines in addition to PEX fittings, tees and other fasteners can be used for welding, which is done using special welding machines.
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