Monday, November 22, 2010

PEX tubing and its simple installation

Tubing is a building block of a water supply piping system that has various advantages over the ordinary metal and rigid plastic pipes systems. This pipe is formed from the highly cross linked polythene polymers. The polymer used in the construction of this pipe is known as HDPE which stands for high density polyethylene. This polymer is allowed to melt and is then incessantly extruded into the tube. This type of the cross linking can be performed in various methods.
Pex tubing - smart alternative for traditional pipes There are immense advantages of this pipe which makes it applicable for vast applications. PEX tubing are flexible, do not corrode or develop certain pinholes, provide resistance to chlorine and the scale formation which are very common in other ordinary rigid pipes. Also it allows very few connections and fittings than other pipes. And the main advantage of this pipe is that it can be allowed to bend at 90 degree without any fitting or connections.

There are some connection methods that are required for the fitting of the PEX tubing to brass PEX fittings that make the use of the copper crimp ring and different kinds of PEX crimping tools. This copper crimp ring is made to insert above PEX tubing, then this fitting is pushed inside that pipe and after that copper ring crimp is crimpled above the pipe and fitting is done using the crimping tools. These tools, crimping rings and fittings are easily available.

Tools for PEX piping There is another fitting method that is known as expansion fitting method. This method involves the use of expansion tools that allows the increment in the diameter of the PEX piping. There are some special expansion fittings that are made to insert into the expanded tube and also shrink back to the original shape around the fitting. After that a white colored ring is made to crimp over the fitting to ensure the tight connection.
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