Monday, May 24, 2010

Radiant Heating Pumps: Taco 006, Taco 007, Taco 005

Radiant Heating pumps - a compact radiant heating installations for stand-alone radiant heating and hot water supply of residential and industrial premises. They are environmentally friendly, as they work without burning fuel and does not produce harmful emissions, as well as extremely cost-effective, because the cart to the Radiant Heating pump, for example, 1 kWh of electricity, depending on the mode of operation and operating conditions, produces up to 3 - 4 kW of thermal energy.

Application of Radiant Heating pumps of various thermal power is fundamentally new solution to the heat and can, depending on the season and working conditions to achieve maximum effectiveness in their work.

Taco pumps like Taco 006, Taco 007, Taco 005 have a long life before overhaul (10 - 15 radiant heating season) and operate in a fully automatic mode. Service installations is seasonal technical inspection and periodic control mode. Payback equipment does not exceed 2 - 3 radiant heating seasons.

On the Canadian market taco pumps - a novelty, but in developed countries, these devices are manufactured and successfully operated for over 30 years.
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