PEX fittings

-->PEX Couplings

PEX couplings are essentially used to connect the ends of PEX tubing. Apart from this, PEX couplings are also used in changing sizes, splitting branches or bending few tight corners. PEX fittings are usually made from brass in order to have secured connections. The most fundamental type of couplings includes straight connectors that are widely used in faucets and other toilet connections.
These couplings can be connected using a clamp connection system with the help of stainless steel clamps and PEX clamp tools. Another way of connecting couplings is through the crimp connection which essentially involves copper crimp rings and an effective crimp tool. The surface of the couplings is usually quite smooth which is why it must be covered with a protective material in order to avoid any damage to the tubing system and its connection.
PEX fittings are extremely significant in order to ensure safe and secure tubing connections thereby ensuring proper installation and functioning of the tubing system.
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