Sunday, May 9, 2010

PEX Tools for cutting and removing the pex tubing insulation

Mechanical PEX tools Everhot K110, K115 and K150 is recommended for cutting aluminum or copper pex tubing diameters up to 14mm, 25mm and 50mm respectively.

For stranded wire and pex tubing is designed PEX tool K102 (max cutting diameter 20mm). A separate series of tools provided with ratchet. Step by step cutting pex tubing allows you to easily and neatly cut the pex tubing of large diameter, for example, tools K106 / 1 and K106 / 2, designed to cut the pex tubing diameter up to 32mm and 52mm. For stripping round pex tubing is designed tool Jokari - convenient and practical knife with a curved blade, the working diameter: 8-28mm.

Also for cutting virtually any pex tubing will be indispensable knife production Greenlee. The main blade of this knife is designed for cutting thick pex tubing sheath and the inner blade allows you to make a thin pex tubing insulation, without damaging the internal wires. When the mass stripping wires up to 4,0 mm2 useful tool HIGHT STRIP, otherwise the same results when working with wires recommend using the so-called multifunctional tools.
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