Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Takagi water heater

Takagi water heater - perfect water heater for heating and hot water heatering house area of 250 sq.m. Typically, such houses can be difficult to allocate a separate room for water heater equipment item. Takagi water heaters do not need a special room. All they need is a section of the Takagi area not more than 0,5 meters and free approach to it. Locate this water heater can be in the kitchen, closet, even in the hallway. The only condition would be that the chimney for the flue gases.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Invest In Radiant Heating for an Economical Choice

If you want to upgrade your existing heating system but still want to keep costs under control or better still, reduce electricity costs, then radiant heating devices are the best solution.

Given the fact that modern radiant heating devices are standalone floor units, they have the ability to heat up the whole room easily and rapidly. These units can be plugged into existing wall outlets. However, before connecting the device, you should check the existing load over the electrical circuit, which has the unit plugged. You must also check for the amperage in the breaker or the fuse that serves the outlet. Make sure to jot down this information.


You will also need to add on the dimensions of the area that has to be heated such as floor width, length and ceiling height. Once you know this information, it becomes easier to purchase the radiant heating at the store. Once you purchase an economy unit, you might need an additional thermostatic switch for controlling temperature. It is a great idea to invest a little more in a thermostat that comes along with timer device in-built. This enables you to operate the radiant heating unit even at low temperatures even when the room is empty. The typical cord length is six feet or even lesser, while other radiant heating units might necessitate an electrician for installation.

The main installation entails placing the unit near the outer wall couple of inches from the floor and placed away from all dressers, furniture, drawer chests etc.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Packaging and Sizing Options In PEX Plumbing Supplies

The PEX plumbing supplies come in a vast assortment of packaging as well as sizing options and this makes them suited to use across a vast range of applications as well.

Packaging and Sizing Alternatives

The various packaging as well as sizing options available with PEX plumbing supplies include all possible ranges from 0.25 inches right up to 1 inch of CTS. The typical packaging of these supplies is either in the form of coils or in straight lengths of 20 inches. There are several products amongst the supplies that have been special color coded to help with differentiation. In terms of overall coil length, it can stretch to 1000 inches although various shorter lengths are also found.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What to choose - hydronic or electric heating?

Consider the water ways and PEX floor heating. Particular attention is paid to the features and advantages of PEX systems.

The value of thermal comfort for the health, performance and mood can not be overemphasized.

To the room was comfortable conditions, air temperature should be as little different from the average temperature of surrounding surfaces, and the temperature of the heating devices should be as little hotter than the body.

This requirement is fully consistent with the system "warm floor". Floor heating systems radiate heat evenly throughout the floor area, eliminate the formation of convection currents that create drafts and carrying the dust into the air. With no radiators, pipes, wires outside housing becomes more aesthetic and functional.

Floor heating can be done in two ways: using hot water or electricity.

With water heating in the floor to lay pipes through which circulates the heated liquid and the electrical uses special heating mate, which generate heat when passing by them current.

In terms of heat, both methods are equivalent. But there are several additional conditions, which should correspond to the heating system and which should receive special attention.

The first condition - is security. Too high a temperature (40 C or more) can cause illness, even the feet. When a liquid is heated floor needs a separate circuit with low temperature coolant, or a special system of regulation. In PEX tubing systems, this condition is fulfilled automatically install a special thermostat.

Second - is reliability. Replacement or repair of floor heating require significant expenditures. In water systems use special plastic or metal pipes from corroding materials. To ensure the reliability and integrity of the system, before concreting, as well as in the concrete, it is necessary to produce test tube under the pressure of not less than the black bar to check all connections and seals.

Hydronic Radiant Heating vs. Electric Radiant Heating

Friday, April 16, 2010

How to choose a tankless water heater for apartmens and house

Summer - season not only leave, but the hot water outages. Urban residents within three to four weeks, forced to return to the antediluvian techniques in personal hygiene - wash basin and teapot. Or maybe do not care about the vandalism of public services and establish a self-contained apartment hot tankless water heater? Shortage in boilers in the stores, so only select and install it should wisely.

In Europe, 35% of the housing stock is located in the autonomous supply of warm water. Every third resident of Germany water heats the boiler of Siemens or Takagi, and the entire Israeli army to clean the shower, attached to the device Atmor. Why do not we turn to their experience? Moreover, the hot water as disconnected, and will turn off every summer. On the Russian market water heaters are models of leading Western manufacturers - Takagi, Siemens, Electrolux, AEG, Stibel Eltron, Gorenje, Ariston, BAXI, Atmor. And the first question that needs to ask itself the buyer boiler: what type of device he needed - savings or Takagi Tankless.

In the instantaneous water heater heats water only when its costs, and directly into the stream. That is, you can use it as a normal centralized hot water supply - opened the tap and wash up. In the storage water is heated in advance, depending on the power and scope of the instrument, it must include an hour, and even a few hours before you have a need for hot water. In the warm water flow heater can spend all you want users in a row, and in the storage capacity of 30 liters of hot water enough for one not very generous souls. Then wait for hot water again.

It would seem that everything is clear: to take Tankless heater. Manufacturers of these devices actively using all of these advantages Tankless heaters in its advertising. But in reality the problem of choice is more complicated.

- The "dead" Tankless heater, which allows you to get a weak trickle of warm water from the mains power 5 kW. Such power in a modern apartment has only one place - in the electric outlet. Total apartment area network (wall outlet) does not allow for devices with a capacity of more than 2 kW.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PEX tubing and Copper pipe

Everything related to copper pipes.

Copper - one of the first metals reclaimed by humanity. But this does not prevent it, and today remain in demand in different household structures and devices. A special place in this series cover copper tubes for various intra Communications ..

Despite the long history of existence, copper pipes continue to compete successfully with the modern "family" - plastic and metal water pipes. And in many ways much superior to them. Copper pipes are practically impermeable to various viruses and bacteria, as well as fats, oils, herbicides, insecticides and other harmful substances. Chlorine contained in tap water, has no damaging effects on copper.

Moreover, chlorine, as a strong oxidizing agent, even prolong the life of copper pipes, because after about 100 hours operation on the inner wall of the pipe forms a thin but durable protective layer sanitary engineering.

Valuable for water supply systems is another property of copper pipes - they are not subject to the rise on the inner walls of organic

and inorganic deposits. The obvious advantages as high stability temperature differences (range of operating temperatures for copper pipes ranging from -200 ° C to +250 ° C) and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

When comparing the properties of copper with other materials attracts the attention of its high plasticity, which increases the safety of water: copper pipes, in contrast quilting, are not afraid of freezing in water-filled condition. A resistance to ultraviolet radiation distinguishes copper from PEX Tubing, which under the action of sunlight begin to evaporate. Finally, low roughness (less
than steel and even plastic pipes) makes the same conditions using copper pipes of smaller diameter.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tankless water heaters

Vaillant MAG (model XZ C +, RXZ, RXI, GRX) - Domestic instantaneous gas water heaters for the efficient supply of hot water, high performance, safe operation, stylish design, a pressure regulator, German quality.

The new instantaneous gas water heaters Vaillant atmoMAG exclusiv will give you extraordinary comfort and convenience in use. Put it in the kitchen and your home will always be hot water!

The reduction in size, a new attractive design, quiet operation and low-temperature external surfaces, the unit will fit perfectly into any interior, and built-in monitoring devices to meet high safety requirements.

All water heaters that contain in its labeling the letter R (RXZ, RXI, GRX), having in their composition of gas pressure regulator (packed in a box with the water heater).

Gas pressure regulator ensures stable operation of the heater Vaillant, with nominal parameters for old and new systems of gas supply in the whole range of gas pressure at the inlet (from 13 to 20 mbar) without reconfiguration, the fluctuations of gas pressure have no effect on the quality of the water heater Vaillant.

Warning Gas pressure regulator in some models available outside the body of the gas column (below) and higher than indicated in the table dimensions of the device. For more information specify our managers.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern design trends of individual heating systems using gas boilers

Interest in relation to individual heating systems is manifested by both private developers and public utilities.

For the owner of a country house boiler - it is an opportunity to provide comfort and convenience away from civilization.

In the mass construction of the idea of introducing Flats heating is a way out of a crisis situation for public utilities and the way of saving on utilities payments for users.

Increased demand from consumers of heating equipment sends a powerful impetus to the producers, who seek not only to increase the offer, but also to improve your product. His periodic modernization aims to attract the attention of potential buyers to benefit from the latest developments in everyday life.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The use of polypropylene pipes: external utilities

Outdoor PEX tubing communication include thermal network, water supply and sewage system. One of the enumeration is enough to understand how important they are for the normal life of any city. They are also required for the townspeople, as refrigeration for storage of perishable products. And just as in the case of refrigerators, the absence of these undoubted benefits of civilization, we are starting to notice, only if there was a malfunction of any of these systems. Central heating, water supply, sewerage - for the implementation of each of these systems need reliable pipe, the quality of which depends on whether the work of engineering services uninterrupted.

At the present time to build and repair of external engineering networks are increasingly used polypropylene pipes. However, the scope of the polypropylene tubes are much wider, because of their unique properties. Suffice it to say that it is possible to transport various chemical solutions. It is no exaggeration to say that the polypropylene pipes for the economy become as necessary as cold stores in the summer. In those cases when you need a special strength and durability of pipes, used their reinforcement by special trains, most commonly used aluminum and fiberglass. Reinforced PEX tubing on operational parameters may well replace steel pipes, known for their reliability. One of the technologies of reinforcement lies in the fact that the pipe is covered with a layer of aluminum foil on top of a layer of polypropylene. Thus we obtain three-layer construction - two layers of polypropylene and between them a layer of aluminum. Pipes manufactured by this technology, different lower coefficient of thermal expansion and can be successfully used for the construction of thermal paths.

Regardless of the technology of manufacturing all plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion and looks quite aesthetically pleasing, even without paint, which distinguishes them from the metal pipes. Through the use of plastic pipe during installation of the pipeline achieves great savings. It manifests itself in practically all phases of construction. For transportation of plastic pipes do not need heavy equipment and installation is done quickly enough. When laying pipelines in addition to PEX fittings, tees and other fasteners can be used for welding, which is done using special welding machines.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taco pumps (dual)

Dual pumps can operate on a parallel circuit. This makes sense when you want more performance at a relatively low pressure, or when you want more processing power for a short period of time. In parallel work is possible to use the pump with a smaller engine, while having far greater potential for energy savings. All the characteristics of pumps with wet rotor "also include a description of parallel operation of a dual pump.

Characterization of two pumps operating on a parallel circuit is obtained by adding the productivity Q (m3 / h) of each pump at a constant pressure of H (m). But keep in mind that this characteristic for dual pumps operating in parallel, will be somewhat less. This is due to the pressure drop in the housing dual pump for high performance.
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