Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PEX tubing and Copper pipe

Everything related to copper pipes.

Copper - one of the first metals reclaimed by humanity. But this does not prevent it, and today remain in demand in different household structures and devices. A special place in this series cover copper tubes for various intra Communications ..

Despite the long history of existence, copper pipes continue to compete successfully with the modern "family" - plastic and metal water pipes. And in many ways much superior to them. Copper pipes are practically impermeable to various viruses and bacteria, as well as fats, oils, herbicides, insecticides and other harmful substances. Chlorine contained in tap water, has no damaging effects on copper.

Moreover, chlorine, as a strong oxidizing agent, even prolong the life of copper pipes, because after about 100 hours operation on the inner wall of the pipe forms a thin but durable protective layer sanitary engineering.

Valuable for water supply systems is another property of copper pipes - they are not subject to the rise on the inner walls of organic

and inorganic deposits. The obvious advantages as high stability temperature differences (range of operating temperatures for copper pipes ranging from -200 ° C to +250 ° C) and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

When comparing the properties of copper with other materials attracts the attention of its high plasticity, which increases the safety of water: copper pipes, in contrast quilting, are not afraid of freezing in water-filled condition. A resistance to ultraviolet radiation distinguishes copper from PEX Tubing, which under the action of sunlight begin to evaporate. Finally, low roughness (less
than steel and even plastic pipes) makes the same conditions using copper pipes of smaller diameter.
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