Friday, June 25, 2010

Method of trenchless pipe made of PEX with an excavator

Laying pipes in old pipelines with an excavator
1-old pipe, 2 - PEX pipe, 3-Nylon Stick 4-movable roller; 5-nose-cone.

Laying pipes in older pipelines is an upgrade of the old pipeline systems. However, it is important to have a complete understanding of the forces and stresses experienced by the pipe during installation.

This shows how installation of PEX tubing with an excavator. Pre-boiled whip of the PEX pipe is placed on the mobile videos. At one end of the pipe or welded, or with a bolted connection, fixed nose-cone.

The end of the pipe with a wound in the nose cone of the old pipeline. On the PEX pipe is fixed one end of a nylon elastic stick, the other end is attached to the tooth bucket excavator. Smoothly, without jerks, gradually whip is drawn into the old pipeline.

With the introduction of PEX pipes in the existing pipe outer surface of PEX may be damaged, eg scratched, if not to take special measures. These measures include the removal of burrs and sharp edges with the existing pipe inspection using CCTV and the protection of new pipe in the area of administration, particularly in the area it traverses the trimmed edge of the old pipe. Care must be taken so that the depth of the scratches did not exceed 10% of wall thickness. It is therefore recommended to use PE pipes with wall thickness of not less than 5mm.
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