Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PEX pipes & its various uses

PEX pipes have become extremely popular with consumers after they hit the market in the 70s. These pipes are still going strong even after 30+ year of their inception. Of course, the PEX pipes in use today are not the same thing one would have used in the 70s & 80s. It has gone through major changes in the ensuing period & the pipes that are available in the market today are far more advanced compared to the similar pipes of yesteryear.

Today, these pipes are used almost everywhere around the globe. Use of PEX pipes, though, varies from one country to another. Types of PEX tube used in one country may also vary from the size of pipes used in another country. Therefore, in every country PEX tubing have a different usage.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get acquainted with the benefits of using plastic pipes for plumbing supplies

These days, PEX plumbing supplies have been considered as the most essential aspect for the completion of a good house. Today, technology is advancing more and more and making your house a better place to live in. Various accessories have been improved that are used in plumbing purposes. In the earlier times, there were pipes made up of copper used for plumbing work but these days plumbing pipes made up of plastics are being used. These pipes are made up of using polyethylene and have many benefits as compared to those with copper.

PEX is a unique and a special name which is given to these plastic pipes that are equipped with some cross linking polyethylene molecules and they all are linked with each other. This is done for the purpose of giving more strength to the pipes made up of plastics. Metallic pipes are not much beneficial as compared to the plastic pipes. These plastic plumbing pipes are very effective as they make very less amount of water leakage as compared to those in the copper metallic pipes. Polyethylene material which is used in plastic pipes can be recycled very easily at any time you are willing to do it but the metallic copper plumbing pipes cannot be recycled at any cost.

This material polyethylene is very much environment friendly as compared to copper metallic pipes and it has been tested by various top expert companies that manufactured the plastic plumbing pipes. Pipes made up of copper are placed beneath the floor as well as concrete slabs while the construction is going on of your house or any building. If in case there is a leakage in those pipes then you need to break the entire floor and concrete slabs also which will cost you very heavy. If you do not break the floor then pipes will corrode that may lead to some serious consequences. In order to avoid all these consequences copper pipes are coated with some other substances. But the benefit of using the plastic pipes is that they do not corrode ever in the lifetime and do not even require any other coating also. Moreover, plastic pipes used for plumbing supplies are very light in weight as well as very cost effective also as compared to those with copper metallic. Installation of plastic pies is also very convenient but requires a specialist plumber.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PEX tubing Radiant floor

PEX tubing Radiant floor is completely hidden under the floor covering, and the absence of any visible heating elements provides unlimited opportunities for interior design to better arrange the furniture to remain free space. Also provide a window without burdening look heavy construction radiator, especially if it's panoramic windows! In addition, the apartment can be safely planned unit stone or ceramic floors, which under normal heating may seem cold and unpleasant. Floor heating, PEX tubing water provide a pleasant feeling of warmth under your feet.

Advantages of PEX tubing systems, PEx tubing water invaluable historic interiors and the design environment gyms where conventional radiators to provide special fences to hide them or to provide security for owners.

PEx tubing water, a brief description of installation

Mount Technology Radiant Floor

There are two systems of production installation of floor heating water: concrete and Slub system.

Concrete floor heating system of water - is the most common current system of water floor heating, pipes contours warm water, pour the concrete floor and the additional heat spreader is not required.

Production Technology Installation Radiant floor for concrete systems involves the following steps:

Dividing the room into sections, based on the draft floor heating system water
Covering the base (soil) heat-insulating layer for cutting off heat down system of PEX heating
Laying reinforcing mesh and production pipe installation (contours) is raspredilitelem heat floor heating system water
Pressing the heating and pouring of concrete ties, is done for security system PEx tubing water
Finish coating shall conform for use with PEx tubing water

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PEX Tubing rates and other things

Radiant floor, usually leads to some decrease in relative humidity above the floor as the floor temperature increases. Relative humidity does not possess the "self-regulation - if any zone (room) temperature increases, the relative humidity in this zone is reduced.

A tree is relatively low thermal conductivity, for example, compared with ceramic tiles. Therefore, at the same temperature floor tile floor will feel noticeably warmer than the wood. Conversely, in the warm season tile floor will feel cool in comparison with a wooden floor, so the water floor heating under tiled flooring is included, even in summer.

Two types of wood are not suitable for systems with floor radiant heating - a beech and maple. The reason is that these sorts of wood too much change their geometric dimensions when the relative humidity. However, there is a special method of drying, in which "killed" about 60% of the cells that make these woods is largely less susceptible to the influence of relative humidity, wood "stabilized." When applying this method, both types of wood can be used with the systems of PEX Tubing heating.

All other types of wood suitable for use with heating tubing.

In view of the widespread system of PEX Tubing heating, as a rule, a manufacturer of flooring does the special character and indicates the appropriate option in the documentation (certificate): approved for use with floor heating systems.

When using wood flooring it is important to limit the temperature of coolant supplied to the system so that the temperature at the surface of the floor does not exceed 26 ° C. The best option is Weather-compensated control, in which the temperature of coolant supplied to the system varies depending on the temperature outside. The maximum coolant temperature is calculated individually for each system. Wooden floor should always be secured in normal conditions, which means the air temperature 20 ° C (± 2 ° C) and relative humidity between 30 and 60%. PEX tubing rates is not bad with compare copper pipe.

The optimum thickness of the wooden flooring is 12-15 mm. The maximum recommended thickness of 25 mm. When using the cover of a thickness exceeding 15 mm should be separate pay attention to the design temperature on the pitch, because it may be too high. In this situation, of course, the calculations must be performed by specialized in the field of underfloor heating companies.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choosing the best PEX tubing supplies for high energy efficient home

If you are looking with an alternate on the standard copper water pipes system that cannot spring pinhole water leaks, won't rust, resists a substantial variety of chlorine increase and it's uncomplicated to fit, might be pex could be the perfect solution for you. Buying any PEX tubing supplies is a best resolution to your residence over time.
There are many advantages to using flexible polyethylene - or pex - tubing with regard to safe and clean water units in home and even business oriented systems. For starters, a PEX tubing pipe includes effectiveness freeze destruction; a polyethylene pipe can expand and contract certainly where a copper tubing would certainly burst and leak, sometimes creating major deterioration. Second of all, those conduits will not weaken resulting from lower pH levels within lots of housing normal water systems. Also, it is well worth bringing up that the type of piping is compact and simple to deal with and transfer. Also, utilizing a PEX tubing supplies can be environment friendly, when the plastic is recyclable, whereas copper along with elements are difficult to recycle and the process eliminates harmful toxins in the air flow.
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