Thursday, March 18, 2010

PEX heat transfer plates

The radiant heat is being widely used to promote various heating systems for both residential as well as commercial sectors. The idea of generating the radiant heat seems easy however getting a heat system that uniformly distributes heat is tough. PEX heat transfer plates are one of the best ways to promote radiant heat systems.

How do the PEX heat transfer plates work?

These heat transfer plates work efficiently by distributing the radiant heat from the various PEX tubing, piping and valves. These heat transfer plates are available in variety of shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of the users.

Due to the molecular structure of the Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is uniform because these are cross linked and thus offer a laminar flow. The PEX heat transfer plates are available in single and double width. Depending upon the thickness of these plates they can deliver a wide range of heat over a large area and that also for a longer duration. Another feature that decides the amount and rate of heat transfer is the design. The amount of heat transfer will depend on the shape and the heat would be delivered in the units of BTU per hour.

The use of these PEX heat transfer plates is that they can work in extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold. They do not get brittle at the temperatures below freezing point. Their cross linking nature makes them highly bendy so they can be easily molded and laid down in various subfloors, snowmelt systems and other radiant heat systems.
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