Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Accumulator for individual water supply systems

Outwardly, hydraulic accumulators are very similar to flanged expansion tanks like Extrol 15 or Extrol 30 of radiant heating systems. However, the appointment and service conditions have other, hence there is a positive difference.
First, the mode accumulator over loaded. In normal operation, its frequency response is from 5 to 15 times per hour with a well chosen volume accumulator. If the volume is chosen correctly, this value can increase up to 20-30 times per hour. Of course such an operation requires a reliable, flexible membrane which can withstand a large number of loads.
Secondly, hydraulic accumulators are used in household water supply systems, so the material must not be toxic and permitted for use with drinking water.
Thirdly, the water in the water supply system in most cases comes from a well or wells. It is saturated with oxygen, which is released and accumulates in the membrane. Therefore, large accumulators at the top of the diaphragm is pipe and valve for venting the air. The appearance of such accumulator presented earlier in Figure 5.
Fourth, hydraulic accumulators usually placed on the line of cold water in the water supply system, so in terms of the temperature at which they operate, the regime more sparing. Typically, the water temperature in the system can not exceed 30 ° C.
As expansion tanks of heating systems, hydraulic accumulators are filled with water is not completely. The volume of "issue" with the work accumulator water is less than the net volume expansion tank heating system.
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