Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Invest In Radiant Heating for an Economical Choice

If you want to upgrade your existing heating system but still want to keep costs under control or better still, reduce electricity costs, then radiant heating devices are the best solution.

Given the fact that modern radiant heating devices are standalone floor units, they have the ability to heat up the whole room easily and rapidly. These units can be plugged into existing wall outlets. However, before connecting the device, you should check the existing load over the electrical circuit, which has the unit plugged. You must also check for the amperage in the breaker or the fuse that serves the outlet. Make sure to jot down this information.


You will also need to add on the dimensions of the area that has to be heated such as floor width, length and ceiling height. Once you know this information, it becomes easier to purchase the radiant heating at the store. Once you purchase an economy unit, you might need an additional thermostatic switch for controlling temperature. It is a great idea to invest a little more in a thermostat that comes along with timer device in-built. This enables you to operate the radiant heating unit even at low temperatures even when the room is empty. The typical cord length is six feet or even lesser, while other radiant heating units might necessitate an electrician for installation.

The main installation entails placing the unit near the outer wall couple of inches from the floor and placed away from all dressers, furniture, drawer chests etc.
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