Monday, March 15, 2010

What is Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made up of?

Radiant heat systems - Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing
Most of the individuals who have been residing in the colder regions of the world find it really difficult to have warm and cozy feeling during the winter season. The use of oxygen barrier PEX tubing is encouraged in such regions that need radiant heat.
What is Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made up of?
The PEX tubing is a kind of polyethylene polymer that is highly cross linked and is therefore also known as cross linked polyethylene. Since this is made of high cross linkages and is of polymeric nature this property renders it flexibility and elasticity. This tubing is highly tested and sustains pressure up to 100 psi and that also at high temperature of 180 degree Fahrenheit. The main benefit is that they make use of oxygen barrier and this prevents corrosion of various elements.
Types of oxygen barrier PEX tubing:
Depending upon the various radiant systems and heat requirements there are variety of such tubing. The kind of heat radiant tubing to be used can be selected by taking an advice from the engineer who would be designing the heat radiant system.
v ½ PEX Tubing this is the most commonly used in most of the heat radiant systems like in concrete slabs and sub floors.
v ¾ PEX tubing system it is mostly used for snow melt systems as they require high flow of radiant heat.
v 1 PEX tubing system can be used for supply and return lines and this can be used for outdoor wood furnace systems, boilers and other systems.
These oxygen barrier PEX tunings are an excellent source of radiant heat and also posses’ great flexibility so they can be used in radiant floorings, baseboard and boiler systems. Their flexible nature formulates them to be cost effective.
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