Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Installation of PEX tubing

Today in the heating, hot and cold water pipes are successfully used, made of polymer materials or using them. In previous issues of the journal "Everhot" commented mostly on technologies based on the use of flexible pipes made of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX). At the current market of engineering equipment with this product compete vigorously Aluminum pipe. To speak clearly about the advantages of the latter can not, although it is known that a number of reasons, including - psychological, USA customers often prefer the PEX plastic.

An important quality of PEX pipes is their adaptability for installation. They are easy to bend, do not require exact fitting of linear dimensions, with no extras save the form, which gives them the installer.

Major foreign companies, manufacturers do not release PEX pipe themselves, and lead integrated production related equipment: reservoirs, fittings, fasteners, etc. Connect and the connection of pipes with special fittings does not require threading or welding and the application does not take much time.

Specificity of metal-tube requires careful handling it, strict observance of assembly technology. This is especially important because in most cases, the rules require a hidden strip of PEX pipe, where a bad leak is extremely undesirable.
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