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Corrosion protection of my brass ball valves

Corrosion protection is one of the most important requirements in the construction of pipelines (especially the trunk). Protection expose themselves directly to pipes, fittings, valves ( The requirements for corrosion-resistant coating is constantly being tightened, modern insulation materials help to protect pipes and fittings from corrosion for 20-30 years. Because of the specialization of our company, detailing corrosion protection of valves and pipeline fittings in the system of "Transneft".

The main documents governing the various kinds of protection of pipelines and fittings from corrosion, are GOST 51164 "Pipelines steel trunk. General requirements for corrosion protection ", RD-23.040.00-KTN-189-06" Rules for corrosion protection of above ground pipelines, structures and equipment facilities of main oil pipelines, OTT-04.00-27.22.00-KTN-006-1-03 " Technical requirements for external anticorrosion coating molded fittings and valves of the pipeline "; OTT" trunk pipeline. Fittings.
In the foregoing documents detail procedures for all types of work on application of protective coatings, the requirements for materials and equipment, methods of acceptance and control of the paint.
Depending on the location and conditions of the coating are divided into two types: the factory and line. Typically, in applications from contractors engaged in construction at the sites of Transneft, indicated that fixture shall be factory-corrosion coating. In practice, very few factories reinforcing its own exercise of protective coatings, especially on products for underground installation. Costs for the purchase of necessary equipment, materials, training of qualified personnel are sufficiently large. To dye valves according to the requirements of Transneft manufacturers attract specialized organizations that have licenses and permits for this type of work, and maintained by applying a protective coating on valve or on the territory of the plant itself, either on their own areas. Typically, such teams have a mobile painting of insulating and conducting work in the factories as well as "in the fields. From personal experience would like to note that the cost of the work on protective coatings that claim manufacturers valves are often substantially higher than the cost of these works, which take the actual perpetrators, while painting and in the factory and in our territory is held by the same materials , the same people and on the same hardware.
To protect the valves installed underground (both directly in the ground and in the wells) to the requirements of PAS-04.00-27.22.00-KTN-006-1-03 The most widely used materials of the Japanese company "Kawakami Paint FIG. Co.Ltd. "Brands FRUCS-1000A and US materials brand Biurs." These compounds are epoxy-urethane coating and consist of an epoxy primer layer and the outer layer of polyurethane. Plot the data coverage in parts insulated pipes and fittings by "hot" airless through special facilities. Subject to the technology of the work life of these coatings may exceed 30 years.

Circulator pumps for private houses and apartments

The desire for a comfortable life proper to man. That is why most manufacturers of household appliances from one year to improve its products. For more options, higher reliability, elegant design - everything is done to ensure that consumers feel a new level of convenience and quality. But is the sphere of which we seldom think in everyday life. If large and small household appliances constantly reminds about themselves, then such subtle, but essential devices such as pumps urbanite perceived solely as a prerogative of municipal structures. Typically, the existence of these aggregates, we remember only when problems arise, which it is impossible not to notice. Other business owners of houses and individual houses. They tend to thoroughly know why their economy but there are some circulator pumps, but also private entrepreneurs do not usually think about innovations in this area, preferring to buy well known and usually fairly simple model, assuming that they reliable technical innovations. Let us say at once, both of these categories of consumers caught up in stereotypes. And the citizen and the owner of the cottage can significantly increase the level of comfort, if we pay attention to the modern pumping equipment for domestic purposes. It may seem strange, but today the once simple pumps for domestic use produced by leading manufacturers with advanced technologies, and not inferior to their industrial brethren. There is another aspect: technical innovations in this area not only improve the quality of life, but also help save considerably, saving precious now electricity and heat.

Technical characteristics

Chemical properties

Pipes are resistant to various chemical solutions. If you need to use pipes for transporting liquids other than potable water, it is necessary to obtain a preliminary consultation with a specialist firm Everhot.

Saving forms

After bending pipe retains the desired shape, which facilitates and accelerates the assembly of fittings and further work with the pipe.

Resistance to wear

The inner layer of tubes made of high cross-linked polyethylene. It provides almost complete absence of wear, even at high velocity.


Thanks to the aluminum layer of the linear expansion coefficient is 0.025 mm / (IBSC) and, thus, comparable with the coefficient of linear expansion of copper and nearly eight times less than that of plastic pipes.


With an operating pressure of 10 bar (1 bar = 0,1 MPa) and operating temperature to 95 ° C period is not less than 50 years.

Toxicity and hygienic

PEX Pipe meets the stringent emission norms and hygiene and are 100% suitable for transporting drinking water.

Class fire

The multilayer PEX Pipe, consisting of two layers of cross-linked polyethylene and aluminum layer with a butt weld, according to DIN 4102, part 1, belongs to a class B2 (usually flammable constructions).


The pipe does not conduct electricity.

Oxygen Barrier

100-percent Oxygen Barrier thanks to the aluminum layer.
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