Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PEX Tubing Wirsbo

Wirsbo PEX Tubing system is a low-temperature system that uses the floor surface as a source of heat distribution. Installation of such systems requires knowledge of the foundations of their work and practical skills.
Despite the fact that they can use the same sources of heat, floor heating differs significantly from the radiator, in particular the methods of heat distribution.

Key features and benefits of PEX Tubing:

• heating element is the entire surface of the floor. There are no heaters. The possibility of a more efficient use of space in residential, office or other premises;
• Low coolant temperature, which is about +25-45 ° C;
• Uniform and beneficial to humans in terms of physiology, the distribution of temperature in the room at his height;
• Ability to use various coating floors (wood, stone or ceramics);
• Can be used for water heating virtually any source of energy from coal-fired water heaters, gas, oil or electricity to nekonvektivnyh sources such as heat pumps, solar collectors or geothermal sources;
• Hygiene - repeated lowering the amount of dust in the air space and with it the bacteria that often cause various diseases;
• High impact pleasant for a man of the thermal radiation (50-70%), allowing a higher thermal comfort in the room;
• Cost of thermal energy. In residential buildings -20-30%, and in rooms with high ceilings, for example, sports halls, exhibition halls, etc. - Up to 50% and higher!
• Optimum humidity in the room;
• In contrast to hot radiators (over +70 ° C) floor heating does not contribute to unfavorable human positive air ionization, which provides low-quality impact on human health;
• Lack of a strong source of heat radiation in the vicinity of Rights;
• In areas where people reside, the maximum temperature of the floor is by European standards +29 ° C, and the average temperature during the heating period varies within +23-24 ° C.

In PEX Tubing, almost 70% of heat is transferred in the form of a pleasant, gentle heat radiation, which is not conducive to the raising of dust in the air. Why is this happening? When the air temperature in the room +20 ° C average temperature on the surface of the floor in the heating season is 23-24 ° C, which shows that the temperature difference of 3-4 ° C. And with radiator heating, radiator temperature 50-60 ° C, a temperature difference of 30-40 ° C. That is a big temperature difference is responsible for the strong convection. which contributes to isolation from the floor and dust lifting up.
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