Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The radiant heating system "warm floor"

One of the most common today is radiant floor heating. Most consumers find water "warm floor". As the coolant can be used and frost free agent, but the heat will still be water.
Let's look at one of the most common water floor heating systems, which is popularly called Stalinkas. It is a structure consisting of two-pipe routing and having an upper filling. Most often these systems are found in low-rise buildings Stalinist.
The main advantage of this system is its reliability. In addition, it requires in relation to a no maintenance. Ways to create Stalinkas only two:

* According to a parallel scheme
* According to the vector diagram
In the first case, the location of the heating system was determined by type of location of bottling. The system, made by a vector diagram, more often called - with a fair movement of coolant. Among other schemes, it is the most reliable. In addition, her work is characterized by constant uniform.
So, as mentioned above, the main advantage of this system is the uniformity of its heating radiators. That is, you do not have to wait until the required space heats up, going from room to room.
But despite this advantage in our days, the system is mainly used only in country houses. This is explained by the fact that her work is not possible at elevations above the fifth floor. This significantly limits the ability of the Stalinist heating system, but at the same time, does not make it less effective.
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