Monday, March 29, 2010

Universal Tankless Water Heaters

Approximately one-third of our population lives in individual houses and rundown apartments with stove heating, spending much time on the content of furnaces and furnace. It would not have been good stoves, they spend a lot of fuel, because the rate of use is low. Fuel, as they say, "flies in the tube. Furnace heating does not even maintain the temperature during the day in the apartment: it varies from normal in either direction to 10 degrees, and it is harmful to human health.

In the newspaper "New York Times" on January 13, 1985 under the title "Does warm oven?" Published an article by engineer A. Bykeer and correspondent A. Abigman, which describe the sad state of furnace heating and raise the question of its improvement.

I was young (as a former masonry, and then - civil engineer) had to put a lot of different design and brick oven. Unfortunately, they all violate the accomplishment of an apartment, demanded a large fuel consumption and time-consuming for fuel and maintenance. Therefore, you need to move the device hot-water heating small houses and apartments. And for this it is necessary to develop a versatile compact system, that they were given water and heating, and hot water flats.

The author of this book was developed such a combined system of water heating, hot steam and water, which eliminates many of the shortcomings of existing systems and significantly reduces labor costs for maintenance of the system, creates a comfort that is comparable with the conditions of modern well-maintained apartments.

Currently, much attention is paid to the development of horticulture cooperatives, where people allocated plots of land, usually built garden houses, which are used not only in the summer. Often the question arises - how and what to heat a house? Recommended electric heaters of the road. Offered and systems that use solar energy. Unfortunately, they can not be used in cloudy weather. Also known design solar installations are not without drawbacks. For example, in the newspaper "Communist Tajikistan on 06.09.87 was published information about solar energy. The fact that it offers to customers is important, but the installation was deficient:

* Valid only on sunny days, no accumulation of stored energy;
* Solar panels are flat and motionless - directed all the time from one angle to the sun.

Presented to the reader combined system allows the use of solar and battery, and the design is such that there is no need to rotate. You can still reserve accumulated heat.

The book is written in simple, accessible language and is designed not only to specialists but also for those without special education. The text is provided with numerous explanations and drawings and, in fact, is a guide for the construction and operation of the system.

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