Sunday, May 23, 2010


Tankless water heaters-class support various modes of economy. For example, the equipment company STIBEL ELTRON (Series: Tempra 12, Tempra 15, Tempra 20, Tempra 24) provides automatic radiant heating at a reduced rate. radiant heating the contents of a expansion tank occurs when the main stage during the radiant heating of the preferential tariff (night). During the day, radiant heating is not performed. In case of need by clicking on the appropriate button you can make the inclusion of the water heater in the mode of rapid radiant heating. In more simple models of Electrolux SL series there half-power mode, in which odderzhivaetsya low temperature of 55 ° C. To do this in the Tankless water heater installed two radiant heating elements on the 0,8 or 0,9 kW, pressing on the front panel of EVN, you can turn on the economy. These models of water heaters quite expensive.

There are general guidelines for the selection and mode of operation of any EVN. Do not choose too small storage water heaters. With long-term mode of operation is better to use higher-capacity unit, but at 60 ° C than at 85 ° C. Temperature 60 ° C guarantees:

* Gentle treatment for the reservoir and pipelines by using water saturated with chemicals causing corrosion;
* Less fouling, which destroys the protective layer inside the tank;
* Reduction of energy consumption to maintain the temperature of hot water.
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