Monday, April 12, 2010

Tankless water heaters

Vaillant MAG (model XZ C +, RXZ, RXI, GRX) - Domestic instantaneous gas water heaters for the efficient supply of hot water, high performance, safe operation, stylish design, a pressure regulator, German quality.

The new instantaneous gas water heaters Vaillant atmoMAG exclusiv will give you extraordinary comfort and convenience in use. Put it in the kitchen and your home will always be hot water!

The reduction in size, a new attractive design, quiet operation and low-temperature external surfaces, the unit will fit perfectly into any interior, and built-in monitoring devices to meet high safety requirements.

All water heaters that contain in its labeling the letter R (RXZ, RXI, GRX), having in their composition of gas pressure regulator (packed in a box with the water heater).

Gas pressure regulator ensures stable operation of the heater Vaillant, with nominal parameters for old and new systems of gas supply in the whole range of gas pressure at the inlet (from 13 to 20 mbar) without reconfiguration, the fluctuations of gas pressure have no effect on the quality of the water heater Vaillant.

Warning Gas pressure regulator in some models available outside the body of the gas column (below) and higher than indicated in the table dimensions of the device. For more information specify our managers.
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