Thursday, July 29, 2010

PEX product manufacture for plumbing systems

The company "BOW fittings" sells tubing, plastic PEX and HDPE plumbing. tubing: plumbing of PEX and HDPE -

this modern high-quality polymeric materials. Plastic plumbing tubing can be found at stores in the cities.

Seattle and Vancouver (Canada), and we can supply plastic plumbing tubing in other regions of the


Plastic plumbing tubing made of PEX is the ideal form of solution of the gravitational drainage, ensuring


The company "Pendant-2" sells products «PLASTIMEX». tubing: plumbing of PEX «PLASTIMEX» - are specialized

product in the manufacture of complex plumbing systems. We offer buyers a plastic plumbing tubing for safe

transportation of municipal waste, rainwater and other runoff from their origin to the destination tank.

Drain tubing Plastic Company «PLASTIMEX» - a solution to drainage. We offer:
• Plastic Drain tubing (PEX) for outdoor piping
• Full range of fittings for outdoor plumbing
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