Monday, April 19, 2010

What to choose - hydronic or electric heating?

Consider the water ways and PEX floor heating. Particular attention is paid to the features and advantages of PEX systems.

The value of thermal comfort for the health, performance and mood can not be overemphasized.

To the room was comfortable conditions, air temperature should be as little different from the average temperature of surrounding surfaces, and the temperature of the heating devices should be as little hotter than the body.

This requirement is fully consistent with the system "warm floor". Floor heating systems radiate heat evenly throughout the floor area, eliminate the formation of convection currents that create drafts and carrying the dust into the air. With no radiators, pipes, wires outside housing becomes more aesthetic and functional.

Floor heating can be done in two ways: using hot water or electricity.

With water heating in the floor to lay pipes through which circulates the heated liquid and the electrical uses special heating mate, which generate heat when passing by them current.

In terms of heat, both methods are equivalent. But there are several additional conditions, which should correspond to the heating system and which should receive special attention.

The first condition - is security. Too high a temperature (40 C or more) can cause illness, even the feet. When a liquid is heated floor needs a separate circuit with low temperature coolant, or a special system of regulation. In PEX tubing systems, this condition is fulfilled automatically install a special thermostat.

Second - is reliability. Replacement or repair of floor heating require significant expenditures. In water systems use special plastic or metal pipes from corroding materials. To ensure the reliability and integrity of the system, before concreting, as well as in the concrete, it is necessary to produce test tube under the pressure of not less than the black bar to check all connections and seals.

Hydronic Radiant Heating vs. Electric Radiant Heating
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