Friday, May 7, 2010


The system is free from the air - it is reality. Hydraulic Spirovent Spirovent Air Superior has been designed specifically for effective de-aeration piping systems of tall buildings:
* For the central heating system with a static height of 15 m between the boiler and the highest point;
* For cooling systems with a static height of more than 5 m between the chiller and the highest point

New hydraulic Spirovent can be used in virtually any environment. Due to a significant volume of deaeration he quickly releases the system from the air for a considerable period of time. The principle of its action is that part of the water in its tank is exposed to low blood pressure. Through this dissolved air and gases are removed from the water and the output from the vent. In conclusion, subjected to degassing of the water is TACO pumped back into the system, where it again absorbs air bubbles and are available in water gas.
Benefits for professionals in the field of heating and users

# Deaerated water
# Safe and intact system
# Lifetime of the system
# Optimal heat transfer components of the system
# No noise
# Easy installation and operation
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