Friday, June 4, 2010

PEX Couplings

PEX fittings are vital to ensure the installation of the PEX tubing systems. One of the most important fittings is the PEX coupling that is increasingly being used to connect the ends of various PEX piping. PEX couplings are of utmost relevance when it comes to connecting the PEX tubing systems.
The most commonly used materials for the PEX couplings are plastic and brass. Out of these two types, plastic PEX couplings are primarily used to check the pressure. The main purpose of PEX couplings is to ensure secure installations by bending tight corners, changing sizes and splitting branches. Straight connectors are the most basic types of PEX couplings that are increasingly being used to various connections of toilets and faucets.
There are basically two types of connections that are being used which include the crimp connection and clamp connection. Copper crimp rings and crimp tools are used for the crimp connection, whereas, clamp tools and stainless steel clamps are used for the clamp connections.
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