Monday, March 29, 2010

Universal Tankless Water Heaters

Approximately one-third of our population lives in individual houses and rundown apartments with stove heating, spending much time on the content of furnaces and furnace. It would not have been good stoves, they spend a lot of fuel, because the rate of use is low. Fuel, as they say, "flies in the tube. Furnace heating does not even maintain the temperature during the day in the apartment: it varies from normal in either direction to 10 degrees, and it is harmful to human health.

In the newspaper "New York Times" on January 13, 1985 under the title "Does warm oven?" Published an article by engineer A. Bykeer and correspondent A. Abigman, which describe the sad state of furnace heating and raise the question of its improvement.

I was young (as a former masonry, and then - civil engineer) had to put a lot of different design and brick oven. Unfortunately, they all violate the accomplishment of an apartment, demanded a large fuel consumption and time-consuming for fuel and maintenance. Therefore, you need to move the device hot-water heating small houses and apartments. And for this it is necessary to develop a versatile compact system, that they were given water and heating, and hot water flats.

The author of this book was developed such a combined system of water heating, hot steam and water, which eliminates many of the shortcomings of existing systems and significantly reduces labor costs for maintenance of the system, creates a comfort that is comparable with the conditions of modern well-maintained apartments.

Currently, much attention is paid to the development of horticulture cooperatives, where people allocated plots of land, usually built garden houses, which are used not only in the summer. Often the question arises - how and what to heat a house? Recommended electric heaters of the road. Offered and systems that use solar energy. Unfortunately, they can not be used in cloudy weather. Also known design solar installations are not without drawbacks. For example, in the newspaper "Communist Tajikistan on 06.09.87 was published information about solar energy. The fact that it offers to customers is important, but the installation was deficient:

* Valid only on sunny days, no accumulation of stored energy;
* Solar panels are flat and motionless - directed all the time from one angle to the sun.

Presented to the reader combined system allows the use of solar and battery, and the design is such that there is no need to rotate. You can still reserve accumulated heat.

The book is written in simple, accessible language and is designed not only to specialists but also for those without special education. The text is provided with numerous explanations and drawings and, in fact, is a guide for the construction and operation of the system.

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Taco Circulator Pumps for PEX Tubing

One of the biggest advantages about these pumps is the presence of a rugged motor, which has been designed to last for many years to come. The special resilient mounted design coupled with motor with split base, in-built overload protector as well as sleeve bearings ensure and facilitate quiet operation of these Taco circulator pumps. The construction of these pumps is also very unique and special. The proven design construction comprises impeller with non-ferrous material available in a single piece, shaft made of stainless steel, sleeve bearing with rugged bronze material, seal assembly with ceramic or carbon available in a two-piece design, spring coupling of durable design and in one piece etc. These features and design elements represent a proven and tested construction in such Taco circulator pumps resulting in high performance and efficiency.

Author: Taco Circulator Pumps for PEX Tubing

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Replaceable Cartridge fot Taco Pumps

The service costs are reduced dramatically with the presence of a replaceable cartridge inside the pump. Hence, whenever any maintenance might be required, all that is needed is replacement of the cartridge instead of having to dispose of the entire pump. This reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Low Consumption of Power

The presence of direct drive feature in the 0011-F4-2IFC Taco entails that the amount of power consumed is much lesser compared to conventional pumps. The absence of any mechanical seal as well as presence of self lubricating mechanism means that there is more durability to the pump as well as longer lasting performance.

Construction, Connection and Applications

The Taco 0011 Cast Iron Circulator Pump is constructed from stainless steel, bronze or cast iron and has flanged connections. The versatility of this pump lends it useful across a wide array of applications.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Purpose And Features Of Taco 3 Way Zone Valve

The new series as part of the Taco 3 way zone valve systems is designed with a specific purpose of saving energy as well as reducing fuel costs. Each of the Taco 3 way zone valve systems is equipped with its very own thermostat to facilitate accurate control of temperatures.
Unique Features
Irrespective of whether it is the Taco 561, Taco 562 or the Taco 560 the Taco 3 way zone valve has been designed with unique features. These features aid in proven performance from the system. There are more than a million of these Taco 3 way zone valve systems in use now. Since these Taco 3 way zone valve systems have consistently delivered as far as performance is concerned, they happen to be the topmost choice across various industries. The quiet nature of the operation of the Taco 3 way zone valve systems means that there is complete silence of operation along with rugged dependability.
Long Lasting
The range of Taco 3 way zone valve systems are designed to last for many years. Whether it is the Taco 561, Taco 562 or the Taco 560 the construction uses bellows made of Beryllium copper to separate the system water from the air. The heat motors work silently and it saves energy too because the heat motor in the Taco 3 way zone valve is not always energized while opening the valve. The sweat connections and bronze body ensures a tight shutting off to facilitate hassle-free service. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

PEX heat transfer plates

The radiant heat is being widely used to promote various heating systems for both residential as well as commercial sectors. The idea of generating the radiant heat seems easy however getting a heat system that uniformly distributes heat is tough. PEX heat transfer plates are one of the best ways to promote radiant heat systems.

How do the PEX heat transfer plates work?

These heat transfer plates work efficiently by distributing the radiant heat from the various PEX tubing, piping and valves. These heat transfer plates are available in variety of shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of the users.

Due to the molecular structure of the Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is uniform because these are cross linked and thus offer a laminar flow. The PEX heat transfer plates are available in single and double width. Depending upon the thickness of these plates they can deliver a wide range of heat over a large area and that also for a longer duration. Another feature that decides the amount and rate of heat transfer is the design. The amount of heat transfer will depend on the shape and the heat would be delivered in the units of BTU per hour.

The use of these PEX heat transfer plates is that they can work in extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold. They do not get brittle at the temperatures below freezing point. Their cross linking nature makes them highly bendy so they can be easily molded and laid down in various subfloors, snowmelt systems and other radiant heat systems.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All About The Taco Zone Valve Control

The Taco zone valve control functions with three, four as well as five zones each operating with two, three as well as four-wire type zone valves. All of the Taco zone valve control systems have extended warranty of three years and have been UL listed.

Three Zone System

The Taco ZVC403 is nothing but a three zone type valve, which works perfectly along with two, three as well as four-wire type zone valves. These Taco zone valve control systems have been completed protected with fuse and has in-built priority switch as well as end switch. The PC board kind of layout is easy to use by contractors and does away with common problems associated with improper wiring or the unprofessional appearance of traditional installations of zone valves. The sturdy connections of screws in the Taco zone valve control enhance reliability aspects and indicator lights on the exterior of the Taco ZVC403 provides immediate diagnostic feedback. This cuts down on installation times.

Other Varieties

The Taco zone valve control systems come in other variants such as taco ZVC404, Taco ZVC405, Taco ZVC406 as well as Taco ZVC404-EXP and Taco ZVC406-EXP. The heating controls of the Taco zone valve control systems combine trustworthiness of zone valves from Taco, thermostats, circulators with priority zoning as well as circulators of the “OO” family. All of this results in advanced features for the Taco zone valve control system to provide for seamless system integration irrespective of the application in use.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What is Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made up of?

Radiant heat systems - Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing
Most of the individuals who have been residing in the colder regions of the world find it really difficult to have warm and cozy feeling during the winter season. The use of oxygen barrier PEX tubing is encouraged in such regions that need radiant heat.
What is Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made up of?
The PEX tubing is a kind of polyethylene polymer that is highly cross linked and is therefore also known as cross linked polyethylene. Since this is made of high cross linkages and is of polymeric nature this property renders it flexibility and elasticity. This tubing is highly tested and sustains pressure up to 100 psi and that also at high temperature of 180 degree Fahrenheit. The main benefit is that they make use of oxygen barrier and this prevents corrosion of various elements.
Types of oxygen barrier PEX tubing:
Depending upon the various radiant systems and heat requirements there are variety of such tubing. The kind of heat radiant tubing to be used can be selected by taking an advice from the engineer who would be designing the heat radiant system.
v ½ PEX Tubing this is the most commonly used in most of the heat radiant systems like in concrete slabs and sub floors.
v ¾ PEX tubing system it is mostly used for snow melt systems as they require high flow of radiant heat.
v 1 PEX tubing system can be used for supply and return lines and this can be used for outdoor wood furnace systems, boilers and other systems.
These oxygen barrier PEX tunings are an excellent source of radiant heat and also posses’ great flexibility so they can be used in radiant floorings, baseboard and boiler systems. Their flexible nature formulates them to be cost effective.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PVC Fittings In All Sizes And Types

These days, it is possible to get access to PVC fittings in a vast array of specifications as well as sizes. In terms of distribution systems for water, the PVC fittings are widely used across the globe.

Different Varieties

The modern range of PVC fittings are available in plenty of choices. For example, there are the regular PVC fittings elbow variety in the standard 90 degree measurement and come in sizes ranging from 1.25 inches right up to 4 inches and even 4x3 and 6 inch measurements. Then, there are PVC fittings available in the street elbow versions ranging in sizes from 1.25 inches right up to 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches etc. There are also PVC fittings available in 45 degree angle in elbow varieties. There are also PVC caps, PVC couplings, PVC reducer couplings, PVC female and male adapters, sanitary tees, Wye, Long sweep PVC fittings of elbow variety as well as PVC Bushing.

What It Means

PVC fittings stand for PolyVinyl Chloride fittings, and this material is one of the most popular thermoplastic polymers. Pipes carrying water within industrial or residential settings are actually made out of PVC. Given the fact that this material is lightweight, has a high degree of strength and lesser amount of reactivity, it is the trusted choice when it comes to PVC fittings. The versatility in shapes such as elbow, street elbow, long sweep elbow etc. is accounted for the fact that these PVC fittings are easily molded to arrive at complex bends. It is also easy to bond PVC fittings to each other using heat bonding or chemical bonding processes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Choosing the best Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing

Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing is essential to know which kind of plastic material is used to prepare it. Choosing an Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing made out of cheap material can be dangerous. Flexible pipe for drinking water and hot water heating which are available in the market are usually made from raw materials. The next thing that you need to know when buying Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing is the brand of material used to produce it. Manufacturers of Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing must learn about the kind of commodity raw materials. The examples of trademarks can serve as BASF Lupolen 5261 ZQ 100 for PEX pipes made by the process of Engel (trumpet Wirsbo-PEX), Hoechst Hostalen PPH 2222 for Pex Tubing, Shell PB 4121 for Pex Tubing.

The next essential thing that you should keep in mind is to check if the chimney is marked properly or not. Marking on chimney must not be erased and should include different details like mark PEX tubing, manufacturer’s name, pipe size (outside diameter, wall thickness), pressure allowed in permissible operating temperature, maximum operating temperature, the machine room, stamp approval of relevant supervisory authority and year of its production.

The manufacturer from whom you choose Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing must give you the proof if the product is controlled through a test institute for the maintenance of the quality standards. Also, you must know if the product owns an official permission for its proposed usage. Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing manufacturer must offer proof of authorization. This is mainly true for Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing intended to be used in hot water and supply systems. Another important factor that concerns your health is if Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing produces any negative effect if used in hot water. The manufacturer should also have a certificate that the products are non-harmful to health.

By confirming the above mentioned points, you can make sure if the Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing you are purchasing is original and reliable or not.
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