Thursday, March 25, 2010

Replaceable Cartridge fot Taco Pumps

The service costs are reduced dramatically with the presence of a replaceable cartridge inside the pump. Hence, whenever any maintenance might be required, all that is needed is replacement of the cartridge instead of having to dispose of the entire pump. This reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Low Consumption of Power

The presence of direct drive feature in the 0011-F4-2IFC Taco entails that the amount of power consumed is much lesser compared to conventional pumps. The absence of any mechanical seal as well as presence of self lubricating mechanism means that there is more durability to the pump as well as longer lasting performance.

Construction, Connection and Applications

The Taco 0011 Cast Iron Circulator Pump is constructed from stainless steel, bronze or cast iron and has flanged connections. The versatility of this pump lends it useful across a wide array of applications.
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