Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PEX pipe for you

However, significant noise sources are the other internal PEX pipe [2]. The corresponding arrangement [3, 4] permits such as sewer PEX pipe through the building structures (Fig. 2, 3 and 4) can significantly reduce the noise emanating from them (the noise level is reflected in the figures the number of arrows). Thus, the study of certain regulations convinces us that the consensus about the mandatory requirements for the arrangement of passages is not yet formed. This is understandable, since the conditions of the intersection of metal and polymer PEX pipe are very diverse: they are material building elements (concrete, brick, wood, etc.), and the various elements (load-bearing walls and walls of living rooms, bathrooms and basements, as well as the overlap ). It is important, and what elements (walls, floors, etc.) traversed by the pipeline, in which the premises is carried out (bathroom, living room, etc.) and what a way to mount (indoor or outdoor) is used. It is from these factors in each case will depend on the criteria for cost-effective arrangement places the intersection, execution of which alone would ensure a reliable and durable operation of any sanitary system from any of the PEX pipe.
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