Friday, July 23, 2010

PEX tubing are lightweight compared with tubes made of traditional materials

Pex Tubing pipe are three types (with Oxygen Barrier and without, PEX-AL-PEX ), the corresponding nominal pressure, ie the internal

pressure of water at 20 degrees Celsius, which is plastic drainage tubing HDPE can withstand for 50 years.

plumbing PEX tubing - this is the best material for construction, because the plastic plumbing tubing not

only has a long life, but also facilitates the repair work. Plumbing PEX tubing is much more convenient and

better tubing of rigid materials. PEX plumbing tubing - a new qualitative step in history of tubingline


In general, the Plumbing tubing, plastic best meet the needs of the production of products for distribution

tubinglines. In modern construction weight often used plastic plumbing tubing, as guaranteed by their life of

50 years. Compare - steel underground tubing are not more than 25 years. Of course, producers, install

Plumbing tubing are plastic. Moreover, plastic plumbing tubing toxicological and bacteriological safety.

Plastic plumbing tubing can be used even for laying underground.
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