Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selection, installation and commissioning of the TACO 006 pump

No one kind of TACO 006 pump is not so much failures and outages, as with domestic submersible TACO 006 pumps. The reason is not as equipment, but the fact that the design and selection of exercise are not professional designers, and owners of private houses themselves, or not enough qualified staff assembly organizations. Where, for example, non-specialist to know that the engine picked up by a wide margin the TACO 006 pump may burn out if the installation and configuration of the system does not bring the TACO 006 pump in the working range. We hope that this article will help readers to avoid such errors.


Regarding the types of Taco pumps for domestic water supply, especially to be separate surface and submersible pumps. The first sets out the source and can usually lift water from depths of up to 7-8 meters, the second - Pit and borehole pumps - working while in the water, and applied to its filing with greater depth (they are suspended in the well or wells on the cable). Horizontally installed downhole pump can also be used for water extraction from rivers or lakes when they are away from home and need a big head.
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