PEX pipe

PEX ¾ inches pipe

PEX piping is an abbreviated form of polyethylene which contains various molecules that are cross linked in the form of bridges. The material is of finest strength that makes this type of piping suitable for various applications. The PEX tubing has been in use since a very long time in various European countries. However over the years its scope has significantly widened thereby enhancing its usage and applicability. The PEX tubing is significantly used in various water supply lines, transportation of chemicals, radiant heating systems, refrigeration warehouses, offshore oil, ice rinks and natural gas applications.

The size of PEX pipe is highly crucial as it determines the rate of flow which ultimately helps in deciding its usage and applicability. Some of the most common sizes of PEX pipe that are widely used are 1 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 3/8 inch. The 3/4 inch PEX 3 4 is generally used for commercial purposes. The ¾ inch PEX tube is also significantly used in snow melting applications. Apart from these applications, the ¾ inch PEX pipe is used in return and supply lines. The inside diameter measures 0.671 inches whereas the outside diameter measures 0.875 inch. The volume per 100 ft of tubing amounts to 1.84 gallons.

PEX pipe is largely used due to immense durability and flexibility thereby enabling users to get safe and secure connections.
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