Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Internal PEX pipe systems

These issues are due to the fact that it is always important to know how the simpler, cheaper and more reliable for trouble-free service elements of buildings and pipelines to equip their intersection with the building designs. The analysis of numerous regulatory and literature data does not permit a sufficiently convincing answer to these questions.

Thus, in SNIP 3.05.01-85 ("Internal sanitary systems) - the basic document on the rules of national importance installation of internal systems - there are no recommendations on the arrangement of the pipeline goes through the elements of the buildings, except the following:" non-insulated pipe systems, PEX radiant heating, radiant heat, domestic hot and cold water should not adhere to the surface of building structures ", and" distance from the surface of plaster or lining up the axis of uninsulated PEX pipe with a diameter of nominal bore 32 mm inclusive, in the open strip should be between 35 to 55 mm, diameter 40 -50 mm - from 50 to 60 mm in diameter and 50 mm - was adopted by the working document. Do not reflected sufficiently rules of crossing the elements of buildings and pipelines in the national norm SNIP 2.04.01-85 ("Internal plumbing and drainage of buildings") on the design standards of domestic water and wastewater systems of buildings. Section 17 provides guidance, according to which:

* Aisle seats risers through floor should be sealed with cement mortar to the entire thickness of the overlap (n. 17.9g);
* Riser section above the floor at 8-10 cm (up to horizontal diverter pipe) should be protected by cement mortar thickness of 2-3 cm (§ 17.9d);
* Before burying solution riser pipe should be wrapped roofing waterproofing material without a gap (clause 19.9e). However, this statement applies only to the risers sewer systems. Consideration of various regulatory recommendations on arrangement of the pipeline crossing elements of the buildings shows that they are very incomplete and, moreover, are sometimes contradictory.
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