Friday, July 2, 2010

Methods of PEX tubing installation

* Continuous strip;
* Trenchless laying;
* Horizontal drilling;
* Laying on the mountain slopes and ravines;
* Laying in artesian wells;
* Cutting into the existing pipeline.

1. The method of continuous laying of pipes

Fig. 1.1. The method of continuous strip
1-old pipe, 2 - PEX pipe, 3-steel spider, 4-mobile video, 5-wire.

Fig. 1.2. Method of fixing a steel cable to extend the pipe
1-steel spider, 2-bolt connection, 3-steel earring, 4-stopper.

The method of continuous laying of pipes is smuggling in PEX tubing in the pipeline is repaired with the winch.

Before laying of pipes welded PE whip, which extends through specially prepared for the purposes of reconstruction of the well.

This method requires the use of powerful winches, through which new pipe is pulled into the old pipe.

This method is used for reconstruction of water pipes with nominal pressure: 10-16 kg/cm2, sewers: 4 - 6 kg / media are.
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