Friday, April 16, 2010

How to choose a tankless water heater for apartmens and house

Summer - season not only leave, but the hot water outages. Urban residents within three to four weeks, forced to return to the antediluvian techniques in personal hygiene - wash basin and teapot. Or maybe do not care about the vandalism of public services and establish a self-contained apartment hot tankless water heater? Shortage in boilers in the stores, so only select and install it should wisely.

In Europe, 35% of the housing stock is located in the autonomous supply of warm water. Every third resident of Germany water heats the boiler of Siemens or Takagi, and the entire Israeli army to clean the shower, attached to the device Atmor. Why do not we turn to their experience? Moreover, the hot water as disconnected, and will turn off every summer. On the Russian market water heaters are models of leading Western manufacturers - Takagi, Siemens, Electrolux, AEG, Stibel Eltron, Gorenje, Ariston, BAXI, Atmor. And the first question that needs to ask itself the buyer boiler: what type of device he needed - savings or Takagi Tankless.

In the instantaneous water heater heats water only when its costs, and directly into the stream. That is, you can use it as a normal centralized hot water supply - opened the tap and wash up. In the storage water is heated in advance, depending on the power and scope of the instrument, it must include an hour, and even a few hours before you have a need for hot water. In the warm water flow heater can spend all you want users in a row, and in the storage capacity of 30 liters of hot water enough for one not very generous souls. Then wait for hot water again.

It would seem that everything is clear: to take Tankless heater. Manufacturers of these devices actively using all of these advantages Tankless heaters in its advertising. But in reality the problem of choice is more complicated.

- The "dead" Tankless heater, which allows you to get a weak trickle of warm water from the mains power 5 kW. Such power in a modern apartment has only one place - in the electric outlet. Total apartment area network (wall outlet) does not allow for devices with a capacity of more than 2 kW.
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