Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PEX tubing Radiant floor

PEX tubing Radiant floor is completely hidden under the floor covering, and the absence of any visible heating elements provides unlimited opportunities for interior design to better arrange the furniture to remain free space. Also provide a window without burdening look heavy construction radiator, especially if it's panoramic windows! In addition, the apartment can be safely planned unit stone or ceramic floors, which under normal heating may seem cold and unpleasant. Floor heating, PEX tubing water provide a pleasant feeling of warmth under your feet.

Advantages of PEX tubing systems, PEx tubing water invaluable historic interiors and the design environment gyms where conventional radiators to provide special fences to hide them or to provide security for owners.

PEx tubing water, a brief description of installation

Mount Technology Radiant Floor

There are two systems of production installation of floor heating water: concrete and Slub system.

Concrete floor heating system of water - is the most common current system of water floor heating, pipes contours warm water, pour the concrete floor and the additional heat spreader is not required.

Production Technology Installation Radiant floor for concrete systems involves the following steps:

Dividing the room into sections, based on the draft floor heating system water
Covering the base (soil) heat-insulating layer for cutting off heat down system of PEX heating
Laying reinforcing mesh and production pipe installation (contours) is raspredilitelem heat floor heating system water
Pressing the heating and pouring of concrete ties, is done for security system PEx tubing water
Finish coating shall conform for use with PEx tubing water
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